saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - March 9, 2009
Present: Susan Olsen, Bob Pettee, Tim Fortune, Betsy Dirnberger, Sandy Hildreth, Mark Kurtz, David Woodward

Election of officers  (for the purpose of opening a “club” checking account at Tri-Lakes Credit Union)
Nominations for officers:
Mark Kurtz, president
Georgeanne Gaffney, vice-president
Sandy Hildreth, secretary
Susan Olsen, treasurer

Voting was unanimous.

Mission statement – a collaboration of artists promoting the arts in the Saranac Lake area

Tim: we need to have some consistent Gallery hours..

Adk Explorer Ad
  • Betsy – ad has to have a purpose; to further art as a business in SL; full page ad in annual Outings Guide; (1/2 price of normal 6 time full page ad); will cap ad fee at $50.
  • Tim – what should our ad be?
  • Betsy – focus on an event? Be an image ad? Define who we are in such a way that we entice people to want to come to SL art to buy art.
  • Mark – good idea to let someone else design the ad.
  • Tim – Art Works in Saranac Lake; people love small, unique downtown (small photo of community) – 7 6 galleries, 1 theatre, 3 performance spaces, numerous independent artists, artwalk images (photos)
  • - Galleries: Adirondack Artists’ Guild, Georgeanne Gaffney Studio & Gallery, Small Forune Studio, Mark Kurtz Photography, Gallery 7444, BluSeed Studios, plus lots of independent artists that work out of their homes.
  • - Theater: Pendragon
  • - Borealis Color
  • - Performance Spaces: Town Hall, Waterhole, BluSeed, Riverside Park, Berkeley Green
  • David – should ad promote SL as a destination for the arts? – come to get healed
  • Betsy – “we’ve got to go to SL” – can’t just be pretty – needs to get people to want to do something.
  • Susan – use verbs – come to SL, see, make, learn, etc.
  • Betsy – coop ads are dangerous – a little bit of everything doesn’t always get the message across. Suggests we need to decide what the major thrust should be and how each of us want to be represented.
  • Tim – need more specifics
  • Betsy – does everyone need an image – or can it be artworks as a whole – 1 or 2 images
  • David – we don’t’ need a picture of the village – we need some art – it’s more than a just a town, it’s a whole art community
  • Susan – a picture of SL may not be the single image we want; but a stack of little images may not either. We need an image that will grab attention
  • Betsy – people spend about 3 seconds looking at a page. Strong image – focus on events.
  • David asked us all what we’d want the ad to communicate:
    • Bob – would like people to know that Pendragon is part of art community.
    • Susan – tickle people’s ideas about SL being an “art place” – opportunities for art – we’re a full service art community
    • Mark – come through his door; ArtWalks could be the focus
    • - Sandy (Guild) – we have a huge amount of fantastic locally produced art here 
    • Get our art into the new Visitor’s Center and have it be part of the ArtWalk
    • - Mark –  artwalks, studio tour – both events where public can participate
  • Betsy – it can’t be everything for everyone – needs a focus
  • Tim explained the concept of the artwalks - to bring art to the community, breaking down the gallery walls, involving the community
  • David – public can participate in an art experience – family oriented art experience – visual, literary, performing
  • Betsy – say it all in 5-6 words – (Sandy: art, music, community, mountains, lakes?)
  • Tim – do we want greater inclusion? Mark Coleman, 2 Horse Trade, (in previous group ad) – to help pay for ad?
  • Tim – leave ad up to Explorer; have some info about what is available here
  • Deadline is April 20 – will be out June 1
  • Provide logo – Sandy will contact Todd about font/color (Tim likes black and white)
Who will pay for Explorer ad? (next meeting)

Planning for Adk Living Show – Tim & Georgeanne will meet next Saturday 3pm at Georgeanne’s studio
  • Booth – make it look like an Adirondack room, oriental rug, etc., fabric on walls, piece of furniture – stood out from other booths; Mark – this is a retail show – we also want to have both high and low priced items for sale
  • Sandy – main subheading for show is
  • Items to give out; ADK Life article; Bob will donate a couple hundred copies.
  • Banner/sign – logo/font – Susan – we should each offer up ideas;
  • Sandy – talk to Todd about graphic –font, colors, etc.
  • Sales
  • Who will be there & when - David , whole weekend, Sandy, whole weekend, Mark – drive back and forth
  • Who will deliver stuff
Payment for Adk Living Show

ArtWorks web site – Todd said he’d get started on it right away. Need preliminary site – can always redesign/upgrade later.

Adirondack Plein Air Festival - August 22-23
- possible local artist workshops Sat. am
- contact local deli’s to offer lunch packages
- contact Kathy Steinbruock, Gina Dumond – art attack