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  Artists promoting and nurturing the arts within our community

It must be emphasized that for ArtWorks to be successful, we need the financial support of our members. The benefit is that ArtWorks works specifically for YOU! We advertise YOUR EVENTS and YOUR ART. Here's a sampling of the ads we have done for our Professional Members.

We have monthly meetings that all members are welcome to attend - usually the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Click here to see our Meeting Minutes
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Questions, 518-891-1388.

ArtWorks has 3 kinds of Membership and our membership year is Jan 1 - Dec 31. After July 1, the Professional membership fee will be $75; after Oct 1, new members may join for just $25 through the end of the calendar year.

 Supporting Member
Professional Member
Business Sponsor
Join Online
Join Online
Join Online

For supporters, benefactors, friends, beginning or casual artists, and businesses or organizations who support the arts.

- welcome to attend all meetings
- gets member sticker
- is listed on Supporting Members page on web site
- receives emails and invitations to events

Groups and organizations may join at this level, but are encouraged to sign on a Business Sponsors

For  active working artists, arts related businesses, and organizations - welcome to attend all meetings. What does "professional" mean?

$150 - if you are an individual artist whose gallery or organization is a Professional Member.

$175 - for individual artists

$200 - for Galleries, Businesses & Organizations - brick & mortar establishments with regular hours

- gets member sticker
- individual listing on the Members page with image/log, contact info & link to own web site
- individual listing in our membership brochure
- encouraged to attend meetings
- when possible, will be featured in publicity, advertising & Facebook
- can have events promoted through our web site & email announcements
- have exhibits, performances, etc. listed on ArtWorks calendar
- is encouraged to add "Saranac Lake ArtWorks Member" logo to own web site, business cards, emails, etc.
artworks member
Command or Right-click to download logo
- eligible for member exhibits & events
- receive emails & invitations to events

For businesses that wish to actively support the arts in our area. Your contribution will be divided up evenly to help fund our major events or you may specify what events you would like to support.

There are a number of levels starting at $150.

We will acknowledge your support when possible, you will be listed on our Business Sponsor page, and we will not bother you for additional donations the rest of the year.
NEW - Emerging Artist
Financial Assistance

For college students and other young artists just beginning their careers (under age 30)

  • - welcome to attend all meetings
  • - gets member sticker
  • - is listed on a special Emerging Artists  page on web site
  • - receives emails and invitations to events
Individuals who wish to join or continue membership but are faced with financial difficulties may submit a request for a reduction in return for contributions of time or services.
What does "professional" mean?
Each artist should determine this themselves. You are encouraged to join as a "professional" if any of the following applies to you:
- you actively participate in shows and exhibits
- you have tangible evidence of your artistic accomplishments, such as a web site, a working studio, or gallery
- you are serious about pursuing a career in the arts
- you have developed skills in your chosen media
If you don't feel this describes you - then we urge you to simply join as a Supporting Member.

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