saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Dec 14, 2010

ArtWorks Meeting Dec 14, 2010

Bob P, Courtney, Larry, Andy, Cat, Susan, Sandy, Mark, Jim Hotaling, Dan Hausner, Peter Seward, Tim

Agenda Items

-Chamber Visitors Guide - ad design & payment - will be due in January - ad committee to work on this.

-upcoming advertising - future ad designs - how and who? Andy, Sandy, Susan, ask Matt,Todd? before Jan 11
need continuity of design, would be nice to have a supply of designs that could be available as needed.

- Facebook Stats (Courtney) - 87 members, + 6 since last week, visitors up, returning visitors up; Dan - Deviant Art - there is an ADK Tri-Lakes web page that is not being used - available if ArtWorks would like to use it.
-Finance report - members need to be reminded to pay; we need to pay $1200 to Bluseed (from Plein Air Festival); Susan will remind Burdette to write a check and present to Larry/Carol.

-pricing art work: topic for future Art Works social gathering - tentative Jan 27 @ Bluseed

-Adirondack Business Center (Clarkson University) meeting - Thurs 3 PM - email reminder

-membership restructuring & payment - e-mail notices
We need to send out membership due renewal messages; (from Nov. meeting: The advertising fee will only be $100 if paid by January 15, otherwise it will be $125.) Sandy will send them out.
Gail Brill joined; Historic Saranac Lake joined; Nip Rogers interested; Paint & Palette interested; Dan - Paul Smiths has an art club and suggested they might join
Bob - we need a contact list to share; phone/email; - Sandy will develop one. When Susan takes in new or renewal memberships, she needs to forward info to Sandy.

-Press Release/PR - Art Works mission, accomplishments, membership invitation, etc
Draft - Andy volunteered to write - suggested guest commentary in ADE, Press Republican, NCPR

-events planning coordination - & Lake Placid; coordinate major SL weekend “festivals” with events going on in LP; market with package deals; dev better relationships with concierges,Visitors Bureau,  org that hand out materials; put stuff in depots (Todd has email of train person to contact); Cat - aggressive personal marketing - visiting sites with brochures & posters; Dan offered to help pass info on to Paul Smiths; Bob - market SL as an arts community
Jim - suggested an electronic newsletter/calendar of events that each of us could send out to our own client base

-officers/executive board concept - it's been two years - discussion of election and responsibilities of officers and/or exec. board? - add to agenda as top topic for January meeting - who would like to be on committee; events planning

-Art Under $100 Show - $1205 in sales as of Sat Dec 11. Sandy keeping records - left money and checks for Burdette to deposit in account. Sandy will figure out percentages afterwards.

-Scholarship project - SL Young Arts Association; we never really made contact with them? Todd initiated idea; We need a group to investigate and plan - Larry, Cat

-Vietnamese children's paintings traveling art exhibit ( - Patriot Hills would like some input from us regarding where/how to display when it comes to SL
potential for being in multiple locations - Art Annex, depot, churches, HSL - Jim - would be nice to schedule a special art exhibit at numerous locations every July - with a walking tour and map, etc. - get visitors into downtown businesses
oppty for ArtWorks to be involved - yes - Mark will get some together to figure this out.

Next business meeting: Jan 11, 8 am, Artists' Guild; Evening Getogether: Jan 27, 7 pm Bluseed?