saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Dec 13, 2011, 7 pm

In attendance: Mark Kurtz, Todd Smith, Tim Fortune, Burdette Parks, Beth Gallagher, John DiGiacomo, Courtney Miller, Cris Winters, Sandy Hildreth, Larry Poole

Financial Report: we have about $2000 in the bank
- check with UpState Vinyl - never paid for banners ($500, Sandy will check with them)
- some members still need to pay their share of the Cape Air ad

2012 Memberships
 - member forms have been sent out as invoices - same rates as 2011 - check web site or invoices for amountts
 - payment as soon as possible is requested
 - send new images to Sandy for web site

2012 Committees
 - still need volunteers for various committees or working groups; how much does ArtWorks want to do? Well - it depends upon what our members want to do. Break groups down into how many people are needed, when, etc. Who has done it in the past, etc. that might be available to assist. Create an outline of when things need to be done. Specific form - timeline, who’s involved, what does it entail.
    - Advertising (print, web): Sandy Hildreth, Todd Smith?, John DiGiacomo
    - Exhibits: Vicki Celeste?
    - Plein Air Festival:  Sandy Hildreth, Susan Olsen, Jackie Altman
    - Studio Tour: Matt Paul, Diane Leifheit, Mark Kurtz?
    - By-Laws: (previously offered to do it) Todd Smith, Tim Fortune, Susan Olsen
    - Grant Opportunities: Sandy Hildreth, Mark Kurtz, Jeremy Evans?
    - Not-for-Profit status: Todd Smith?
    - Exhibit opportunities - Cris volunteered to coordinate; put on web

2012 Advertising
 - Matt Paul has agreed to develop the ads again (did an excellent job for 2011)
 - full page in 2012-13 Saranac Lake Visitors Guide? $1500 Decision needed NOW - we need to advertise in Lake Placid; continue relationship with Chamber; members present agreed YES, for ad.
 - a committee to review advertising options and make some decisions
 - some sort of booklet or rack card that lists all our members
 - Todd is meeting with Pete Snyder, Adirondack Scenic RR; need for time in SL, how to promote; a physical presence would be helpful
 - Cris - business cards about ec dev of arts to give out at galleries

2012 Meetings
 - continue with 2nd Tuesday of the month, alternating between 8 AM and 7 PM meetings? YES

Not-for-Profit Status - Todd Smith - involved with Adk Sustainable Communities not for profit; they could be our “umbrella” organization and perhaps someone working for ArtWorks. Donors also more willing to donate to nfp - and we would have that status under ASC. Also insurance coverage. Todd will pull together info; pass it around; vote on it in 2012.

- Nadia Korth's will be offering a wordpress workshop at a discounted price for members. More info to follow.  Courtney added blogs are the most effective way of communicating.

Next meeting: Tues. Jan 10, 8 am, Adirondack Artists Guild