saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - Dec 10, 2013, 8:30 1m

Attending:  Cris Winters, David Zwierankin, Burdette Parks, Sandra Hildreth, Shawn Halperin, Mark Kurtz, Matt Burnett, Tim Fortune and guest Joe Dockery

Old Business

ArtWorks Business Organization:
SL ArtWorks needs to decide whether we want an official legal designation such as (1) “association” or (2) “not-for-profit organization” (NFP), or other type OR to remain as we are now – an informal coalition. If ArtWorks decides we want to become a NFP, we have several options to investigate including NFP status through Fractured Atlas, under the umbrella of Adirondack Sustainable Communities (ASC), or through the process of forming our NFP ourselves. (This last option was discussed outside our meeting but should be considered by the committee.)

The two major decisions, (1) and (2), will be explored by a “Business Organization Committee”, formed to investigate the pros and cons of each option. Committee members are:
- Burdette Parks will investigate the “association” status with lawyer Amy Smith
- David Zwierankin will look into Fractured Atlas
- Mark Kurtz will look into the ASC option
- Sandra Hildreth will also look into Fractured Atlas
The committee will report their results at the January meeting.
Business Sponsor Committee: Burdette and Tim will discuss a revised plan for our Business Sponsor program so the affected programs have their financial information available earlier in the year. Mark suggested that testimonials from present Business Sponsors be used to present ourselves to potential new Business sponsors. Cris and David will assist with obtaining sponsors.

A report on progress will be made by Burdette at the January meeting.

Finances: Some invoices still need to be paid. Cris will contact remainder of Studio Tour sponsors who have yet to send in their checks. Burdette will provide an end of year financial report, including separate categories for each of our major events as to how much money is in each fund. Business Sponsor funds will be dispersed into each fund accordingly thereafter.

NEA “Our Town” Grant: Tim will speak with Jeremy Evans about submitting a revised grant proposal, based on our submission last January. Deadline for grant is Jan 13th.

New Business

Pendragon Feasibility Study: Joe Dockery of the Pendragon board presented their progress on acquiring a feasibility study for a new Pendragon Building/General Arts Center in Saranac Lake that would replace or renovate the existing Pendragon facility. Options include:
  • raze existing building,
  • renovate existing building,
  • build a new arts center in the downtown Saranac Lake area.
The study would cost $18,000 after a grant of $5000 was deducted. The Pendragon board asked ArtWorks to contribute funds toward the balance cost. Joe Dockery suggested an ArtWorks contribution of $2000. No commitment of funds was made but support of some kind from ArtWorks was agreed upon.

Membership: Sandra will work up a draft statement that defines ArtWorks more clearly in regard to Visual, Dramatic, Literary, and Musical Arts given recent inquiries about membership restrictions.  Sandra will send out the 2014 membership email soon and for better clarity will write a summary of what arts our group will include.

Studio Tour 2014: A revised format for organizing and operating the Tour is needed for 2014. We also need a new designer for the pamphlet, and we may want to use a new format.

A committee to work on Studio Tour issues includes: Matt Burnett, Sandy Hildreth, Karen Kirkham, Cris Winters
The committee will meet briefly next Weds, Dec 18thto begin discussions. [NOTE: The committee postponed its meeting until early January.]

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 14th 8:30 am at the Artist Guild
All Members are welcome to attend.