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Notes from Meetings - Annual Meeting - Tues Dec 9, 2014, 5 pm

Present: Larry, Beth, Colleen, Diane, Tim, Sandy, Mark


Discussed hiring a membership person - needed in Jan and Feb. $20/hour up to $1600, plus bonus for X number of new members (TBD). Stephanie DeJoseph expressed interest. Beth said she could help

Web Site/Ad Design volunteer also needed. Anna Kittles was suggested for graphic design (but has since indicated she is not available). Others suggested were Tim Baker, Jess & Eric Ackerson.

Tim suggested we put an ad in the paper seeking someone from the outside to help administer and do graphic design - flyer in Noriís, Facebook page.

Letís focus on one at a time and membership is most important right now.

Membership reminder: ArtWorks member can join Chamber for 1/2 price

Officers - draft is ready from Beth - send it out. (It was sent out)

Diane - encourage the supporting membership role and draw officers from that pool.
Schedule meetings with service organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, Carousel, HSL, Womenís College Scholarship Group, Winter Carnival), make presentations about why ArtWorks is important - convince them to be supporting members.

Peter Seward - Tim
Kevin Brosseau - Diane
Kevan Moss/Stephan Horne - Mark - would approach about membership/arts administration
Susan Whiteman - no, canít be here - willing to help with Facebook.
The Hartungs - Russ and Catharine - Sandy
Edith Urban -
Anyone in the LPCA - ?

Studio Tour - continue or not?

Still needs a coordinator - put the word out - do the tour? who wants to coordinate? Raise fees and make ArtWorks membership beneficial.    Cat likes to help.

Pare it down, less work

Raise ArtWorks fee & it could include everything (or break it down to different levels)

Supporting membership recruitment at art events.

Larry - find out if distribution service worked? (He did and we received a response that our brochures were popular and well received; the map was very helpful).

Kiama - studio tour in Australia - $200/year - open studios once a month
Next Meeting: Jan 13