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Notes from Meetings - Dec 13, 2016

November meeting postponed until after BluSeed Board meeting on 12/6.

Mark, Sandy, Beth, Edward, Diane, Lee Ann, Marie, Jim C, Carol V

ArtWorks/BluSeed Partnership - Collaborative Effort - Approved by BluSeed Board on 12/6/16
  • Originally Michelle Hannon envisioned all the nfps working together.
  • After last Mays Strategic Planning - began initial discussions with BluSeed.
  • ArtWorks/BluSeed Task Force met several times, also with attorney A Smith and accountant R Martin.
  • How to work together w/o jeopardizing BluSeeds nfp status. It was determined most of ArtWorks efforts at promoting the community through the arts would be no conflict at all.
  • Now the ArtWorks/BluSeed Special Committee (advisory committee) will run the functions of ArtWorks and report back to the board. (Jim Connelly, Jim Hotaling (leaving), Georgeanne, Chris Covert, Larry Poole, Sandy, Mark, Beth - more are welcome).
  • Formal press release to come later, after the holidays.
ArtWorks and BluSeed will continue to do what theyve done before.

See Report to BluSeed Board from the ArtWorks/BluSeed Task Force

ArtWorks Memberships - to become Arts Directory Fees - will start in JanuaryFee schedule the same?
  • Individual artist part of gallery that joins        $125
  • Individual artist not in gallery                         $150
  • Gallery/Organization                                      $175

Jim C: BluSeed report & recommendations - share with Artworks members. (See above Report to BluSeed Board.)
Resolutions approved: 1) lets do it; 2) establish committee; 3) establish checking account for ArtWorks; 4) BluSeed establish dba (doing business as) as SL ArtWorks

Legal fiscal responsibility rests with BluSeed Board. BluSeed plans to hire a part-time bookkeeper (which maybe we help pay for?)

ArtWorks will proceed as before - not trying to make too many changes right upfront, but they may evolve.

Hire someone to manage ArtWorks? BluSeed board will make final decision and will handle pay, etc. They will be a BluSeed employee. Volunteer efforts will still be essential.

Edward: will lawyer and accountant fees be shared by ArtWorks?

SL ArtWorks or Adk ArtWorks? For now function as SL ArtWorks

Suggestions: adjust meeting times; NorthWind would like a rep on the committee

Edward DeLeon: Explained boat launch, and mask project, could be kick-off for ArtWorks/BluSeed collaboration; participate in WC Parade. Masks for sale; artists decorate; keep for self or put into silent auction - that will raise money and those people can wear the masks. Painted boats connect to 90 Miler. More details on this later.

Studio Tour Results
  •   Need Studio Tour Committee to plan for 2017 - establish regular dates & budget
  •   Reviewed report for 2016 - need to start work now for 2017. Marie volunteered to help.
  •   Promotion is all important - repeated and regular; all participants too.
Plein Air Festival Results
  •   Almost $31,000 in sales of paintings
  •   About $6000 profit to ArtWorks
  •   Already working on 2017 - volunteers to help with planning?
  •   Transferred $12,750 to BluSeed (approx $2400 in sales tax needs to be paid from this)
  •   $4000 returned to AW - advanced to PAF at beginning of 2016 for operating expenses
Winter Carnival - creative opportunity to design Arctic Golf obstacles - promote own business or gallery

Winter Exhibit - Snowshoe Races - participants? 9 artists responded - will ask again.