saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Nov 13, 2012  8 am, Artists Guild

Attendance: Bob P, David Z, Larry P, Mark K, Sandy H


Web Site - # of visitors continuing to slowly grow through out the year

Old Business
 By-Laws? Election of officers - no progress
- Bob will send Pendragon by-laws to Mark
- other?

More Volunteer Help (got lots of “can’t help”
- interns? (need supervision - through Matt? - through Pendragon? NCCC? schools with an arts management program)
- ADK intern - communications - video?
- break things down into smaller tasks - gathering dates, input to calendars
- Natalie had a paid intern - someone for publicity?
- Bluseed has hired someone, perhaps in the future we might be able to pay for some additional hours

Art Stroll - Dec 7-8-9  Any new events?
- Cabaret at Pendragon - get info
- Flyer/card for event - Mark has Art Walk stuff?
- Beth - contact about plans
- Mark - check with Blue Moon, Downhill Grill, Left Bank

Business Sponsorship Proposal
- explained - need to have people participate - donate art; make visits to businesses
- Pendragon could provide lists of businesses
- provide list of tasks; donation of artwork - send to each member individually and ask what they can do?
- Mark will compose text - send to Bob, David, Sandy to review
- Bob thought we should run it by a few - Lakeview Deli, ADK Motel?
- Sandy will draft letter to businesses/brochure

New Marketing Project - Destination Winter: Saranac Lake, “Coolest Place in the Adirondacks” - need art events especially in January and February - openings, concerts, workshops, presentations, etc.

New Business
 Meeting with NCCCA
- Bob, Sandy, Cris, Peter S & Diane met with Janine and Kathy Recchia - how can they help? Offered help with calendars? Bob offered to meet with them regularly to help tie our regions together. They are mandated by NYSCA to serve the whole
area. Kathy, Janine have been added to announcement list. Ask Kathy to notify us when she writes about events so we can add post to Facebook, etc. Mark - talk to NCPR about more visual arts coverage/reviews.
- Bob willing to attend some NCCCA meetings - one suggestion is a business level membership

 Continue with alternate AM/PM meetings? Other schedule?
- Diane - suggested 5 pm meeting
- David - suggests using Doodle to schedule meetings - still alternate morning, evening

- need to make presentation about economic impact of the arts? need financial and volunteer hours too.

North Country Regional Economic Development Committee - request funding?
- Bob - $50,000 minimum - matching funds
- maybe NCAAA should seek something that would then filter down to us

 Budget/Advertising for next year - membership dues (stay the same?)
- present advertising proposal at Dec. meeting for review - approve at Jan meeting
- keep membership levels the same
- talk to Natalie about editing Visitors Guide text
- add $100 to ad budget for using AAG Vertical Response


Next Meeting: Dec 11- use Doodle to find out if morning or evening is better