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Notes from Meetings - Annual Meeting - Nov 12, 2013, 5:30 pm

Attending: Mark Kurtz, Jill Wenner, Karla Brieant, Tim Fortune , Matt Burnett,  Shawn Halperin, Gail McKay, Cris Winters, David Zwierankin, Paula Hameline, Nathalie Thill, Peter Seward, Karen Kirkham,, Carol Vossler, Michelle Hannon, Edith Urban, Beth Gallagher, Sandy Hildreth, and guests

Financial Report - treasurer absent - a formal end of the year report will be sent out to all members.

ByLaws  The Executive Committee established a set of bylaws for ArtWorks in 2013. They can be found on the “Info” page of our web site. Or by clicking HERE.

Accomplishments:  Our major events and accomplishments will be discussed and be on display at the celebration to follow at 6 pm

Business Sponsor Program This was established in 2013. 15 Area businesses made generous contributions.
We promised not to ask them for any additional donations for the rest of the year. The money was divided up between our major events: the Cabin Fever Film Festival, the 3rd Thursday ArtWalks, the Adirondack Plein Air Festival, and the Studio Tour.
In 2014 we expect to add Hobofest to our supported events. Having these funds enabled event organizers to better budget for their expenses and cut down on how much time had to be spent seeking financial support.

Membership Dues
Our fiscal year runs from Jan - December. Membership fees will remain the same and applications are available. Payments can be made in installments with a discount available for all who sign up prior to Jan 31, 2014. 2014 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.

Holiday Promotion
ArtWorks would like to propose a Holiday Arts Celebration - a promotion of our artists and events during the holiday season. No charge for 2013 Professional members. Info will be emailed and can also be found HERE. Submit your information by Nov 18. Exhibits, open houses, sales, special holiday items, receptions, etc.

Election of Officers for 2014  The following slate was determined by the Executive Committee.

Cris Winters, President  - Tim Fortune nominated Cris, seconded ? - all in favor, no nays
David Zwierankin, Vice-President - Peter Seward nominated David, Carol Vossler seconded, - all in favor, no nays

The following have accepted appointed positions for 2014
Membership Chair: Sandy Hildreth
Treasurer: Burdette Parks
Secretary: Shawn Halperin
Mark Kurtz will remain, as past-president, as a non-voting member of the executive committee

Meetings: All members are welcome to attend the monthly meetings of the executive committee. Meeting dates, times, and locations will be emailed. Usually the 2nd Tuesday of th emonth.

Adjourn: Celebrate!