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Notes from Meetings - Nov 10, 2015

Tim Fortune, Mark Kurtz, Tara Palen, Marie Cogar, Sandy Hildreth, Larry Poole, David Woodward

No financial report.

Someone to handle Membership Renewals and Recruiting, beginning in January 2016.
Shawn H & Tara P have offered to do it and share the duties.
Should be pushing $25 supporting membership too -

Membership Review Committee? General consensus is to leave things as is. Criteria for professional membership is on website.

Cape Air space - Marie will communicate with others currently displaying in Cape Air and figure out how to make room for new ArtWorks members. Also encourage artists to freshen up their displays with new work. Cape Air will be open during the Sparkle Village craft fair - artists are encouraged to be there. Fri. Dec 4 from 4 - 8 and Sat. Dec 5 from 10 - 4. Note: Marie has reported back that there is currently room for possibly 3 more artists. Any ArtWorks members who do not have a presence in any of the galleries in town are welcome to exhibit in the Cape Air office. Contact Marie to find out more:

Holiday events have been collected from members and posters, cards, and email announcements will go out. Will need volunteers to distribute materials. Website will be updated with all the holiday art events.

ArtWorks was invited to exhibit in Pendragon Theatre's Lobby Gallery for December. Larry & Marie will hang Thursday Dec 3, 1 pm; Artwork must be delivered to Pendragon after Thanksgiving and before Dec 3. Call to be sure someone will be there: 518-891-1854. The following artists agreed to participate and can bring 4 small/medium size pieces. No specific theme.

Marie Cogar
Susan Runyon
Sandy Hildreth
Edith Urban
Gail McKay
Tim Fortune
Larry Poole
Mark Kurtz

Meeting time was discussed as there are people unable to attend at 5 pm on Tuesdays. It was decided to stick with this time for now as there are always people who cannot make meeting times, no matter when they are. Members are encouraged to read the meeting notes and respond via email when they have items to contribute or issues to discuss.

Cape Air - maybe put hours on our website?

Pendragon - free play readings on Tues & Thurs until Thanksgiving.

Have membership info at Bluseedís fundraiser?

Next meeting will be Tues Dec 8 at 5 pm.