saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - November 10, 2009

Attendance: Artists' Guild. 8:30 AM - Todd, Meg, Georgeanne, Susan, Sandy, Tim, Burdette, Larry, Mark, David.

Agenda Items:

Advertising & Membership

Mark and Sandy put together an advertising proposal for 2010. After much discussion and consideration, the following advertising opportunities were selected:

1. Full page, full color ad in the 2010 Saranac Lake Chamber Visitor's Guide (plus 2 pages of text and pictures); 1/4 page ad in the Saranac Lake Corporate Guide (plus input on text and pictures); business card size ad on the Lake Placid/Saranac Lake map brochure. Total cost (with 20% discount for doing all 3) = $1674

2. 1/4 page ads in both the summer and winter vacation guides published by the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. $333

3. An Adirondack Explorer ad, in their annual summer guide - $250

4. 2500 full color rack cards (to promote ArtWorks) - $390

Total cost = $2647  Divide that by our current membership (16) and it comes to $165 a piece.

It was agreed that membership for 2010 would be $150 per member, for advertising, plus $25 for individual artists and $50 for businesses. This will be for a calendar year - Jan 1 2010 - Dec 31 2010. It can be paid over several months, but it's important to get $100 from each member by January, when the Chamber advertising bill wil be due. Additional members would certainly be welcome.

Enterprise "Artisans in the Park" publication: this was published in 2009 and many of us took out small individual ads. It was suggested that we might try and provide some text and pictures for this and again advertise as individuals and perhaps earn another "free" ArtWorks ad.

Committee to work on designing our advertising: Todd, Susan, Larry & Sandy

Holiday Plans - Check our Events calendar!

There will be an ArtWalk Fri. Dec. 4 and Sat. Dec. 5. Tim will check with businesses, but this will not be as structured as regular ArtWalks - no fee collected; no payments to artists or musicians. Artists will be encouraged to simply make their own arrangements with a downtown business if they wish to set up a display or demonstration. Venues might offer some refreshments.

The Artists' Guild has an opening from 5 - 7 on Dec 4. Bluseed will host a show open to all ArtWorks members. Pieces priced under $100 are suggested, but there can also be some more expensive pieces. Drop off work by Nov. 23 - Carol and Larry will hang on the 24th. Opening will be Sat. Dec. 5 from 5 - 7. ARTWORKS MEMBERS ARE ASKED TO BRING A FOOD OR BEVERAGE FOR THE OPENING, SO THIS WON'T BE A BURDEN FOR CAROL. 20% commission. Carol will need a list of artwork and prices for insurance purposes.

ArtWorks is joining with the Chamber, Local Merchants Association, First Night, and NCCC for some NCPR radio ads and print materials (rack cards) promoting Saranac Lake as a holiday destination for all our art events, concerts, theatre and shopping opportunities. (This was only a $100 expense and will come out of what we have in the bank).

Art Display in Chamber Office

Peter checked with them; Town of N. Elba ha to install the anchors in the wall, then Peter will let us know when to drop off art work.

2010 Chamber Visitors Guide Cover

The Chamber is depending upon the Arts community to provide artwork for the cover of the Visitor's Guide. Please consider creating something for it! There's no $$ but you will receive credit in the publication.

Discussion on our Mission

We will come up with several evening dates and get them out to the membership to see which one might work best.


There was some discussion that this might be a good way to promote the arts. Mark was checking with Mary Thill about being able to post entries on the Adirondack Almanack Blog. Todd suggested we might someday want one associated with our web site.

Membership & Organization

It was suggested we might want to have a steering committee to handle most ArtWorks business - but then it was decided that we are not so large that we can't all meet and make decisions together.

Next Meeting: The next business meeting was not decided, but it should be the 2nd Tuesday of the month - Dec. 8, probably 8:30 am at the Artists' Guild.