saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - November 10, 2008
Atending: Mark Kurtz, Susan Olsen, Georgeanne Gaffney, Todd Smith, Sandy Hildreth

Advertising Questions
  • Is a large full page ad more effective than smaller individual ads? 
  • Could we advertise as a group in the Saranac Lake Visitor’s Guide and combine it with some text (Susan volunteered to begin writing something)?
  • Could the Studio Tour/Artists’ Guide be included in the Visitor’s Guide as an insert?
  • Could we get some $$ support from Jim McKenna and Essex Co.?
  • We need someone to actively represent BluSeed – maybe Larry Poole (Todd will look into this).
How important are the Arts to the Economy & how broadly can the Arts be defined?
  • Visual Arts & Crafts, Music & Performing Arts, Literature, healing arts, culinary arts, etc.
  • Todd described concentric circles with Artists/Performers being in the center and then expanding out to art galleries, art supply stores, Pendragon, then other business that display art (like the Blue Moon), and then other places that have creative connections – like the healing arts and culinary arts.
  • See: Northern Forest Sustainable Economy Initiative: Creative Economy Sector Analysis (pdf document)
What can/should we do?
  • Organize support for a group ad(s)
  • We (ArtWorks) need to be proactive – not wait for Chamber or Essex Co. to decide to promote the arts. We need to develop a presentation that will show them what our needs are, what we contribute to the community, and how their promotion of the arts could benefit the entire community.
  • Sandy was asked to be on the Chamber’s Tourism & Marketing Committee, initially to help guide them with the cover art competition.
    • Develop a more professional “call for artists” and process for conducting the competition
    • Make it a “themed” competition, i.e., work submitted for 2009 needs to reflect some aspect of the history of Saranac Lake
    • Have a small entry fee ($10?) and award a prize to the winner – keep it very local (live within 20 mi. of Saranac Lake?)
    • Have a professional artist on the team that judges and selects work for the cover.
    • Make sure the Visitor’s Guide provides balanced coverage of the important “themes” of Saranac Lake and not focus on 1 each year.
  • <>Sandy was also invited to take Carol Vossler’s place on the Chamber’s Board of Directors, as a representative of the arts in the community
    • <>Ask the Board if ArtWorks could make a presentation about the importance of the arts in the community and our ideas about advertising and promoting the arts.
    • Find out where the Visitor’s Guides are being distributed
    • Ask the Chamber how they plan to take advantage of the great article in Adirondack Life?
    • Find out about the proposed web site redesign for the Chamber – it needs to be much more “inviting” and of course include the arts.
    • Web marketing needs to be taken advantage of.