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Notes from Meetings - Nov 9, 2010

ArtWorks Meeting Nov 9, 2010

Mark, Tim, Burdette, Susan, Cat, Larry, Courtney, Todd, Bob, Sandy, Peter, Cris, Natalie Thill

Agenda Items

Financial Report - Burdette - final figure on Silent Auction is $1300 - have $450 left in bank
- check to Bluseed? $1200 (Need to do this soon - pick a date)

Membership Proposal - Sandy reviewed membership document emailed to everyone and it was APPROVED. Todd - group memberships should be as supporters; *open a new window to click on other artists so ArtWorks site always remains open. The advertising fee will only be $100 if paid by January 15, otherwise it will be $125.

Peter: suggeted ArtWorks host an invitational exhibit; Mark - artists under 30 or emerging artists, to be considered in furture discussions.

Advertising Budget - $3200 - $100 advertising fee if paid by 1/15/11, $125 afterwards; Proposal APPROVED
- Susan: suggested ad in Pendragon booklet
- Todd: some can be paid individually
- Advertising Committee: Susan, Mark, Sandy, Burdette - reach out to other members to help

Art Under $100 show at Bluseed - Cris - opening Fri. Dec. 10 , 5 - 7; food - ArtWorks members provide food, others wine & beer. Let Cris know. - list an event; forward to ArtWorks - yes, no, maybe - what can you bring. How much work - need to find out how much room; 1 - 5 pieces, number on back to prioritize, may not all hang at once; Sandy - Guild could loan a print rack for matted work; Sandy, Peter, Todd , Tim - can help hang; hang the morning the 10th; use floating walls; DETAILS WILL BE AVAILABLE BY Nov 16 on due date & drop off location. Do buyers pay Bluseed, pay percentage to benefit fund? Propose 30% commission - split between Bluseed and benefit fund.
Need someone to staff table during performance 12/11 (Sandy volunteered); take turns at opening; bring credit card machine and run charges through Borealis Color.
Proposal: ArtWorks College Scholarship Fund as benefit from sales - create a thing that can become an annual event (both promotes us and nurtures youth); perhaps tie to all ArtWorks events - a certain percentage goes into scholarship fund. (Susan: coordinate with Saranac Lake Young Arts); Peter - Arts Day at LPCA - we could possibly attend to reach out to schools. Discussion to be continuted.
Todd: will do posters; Cat will distribute
Sandy - Chamber - send announcements out for holiday events
Workshops? If any individual artist wants to, they can talk to Bluseed about it - ArtWorks is NOT going to organize any workshops..

Final Report on Studio Tour - Sandy - $9000 in sales generated (3/4 of artists reported in)
- Stickers - put on books so they can be used year round
- joint advertising with St. Lawrence Co. - & Bolton Landing? - talk to Matt Paul - he has agreed to take on the organization of the 2011 Studio Tour. - Planning Events and Activities that can jointly be promoted through - explained idea of group packaging of events; keep ArtWorks posted with events and activities.

Social media (Facebook & Twitter) - Courtney has developed our Facebook page - 69 fans; featuring different members; creating event pages; helping to brand Saranac Lake as the “arts community”; people can stay connected; expose us to other arts communities; trade ideas; can promote web sites for other artists; tag people in photos; include show invites (like juried shows); attract younger artists

Dec 2 Social gathering at 7444 7 pm,
Tuesday Talks & BLOG  - Todd
- roundtable discussion; juried membership/events, web site, what is Adirondack art?
- Tuesday talks - every other Tuesday - talk about stuff - generate blog and Facebook posts. More later from Todd.

Other - Workshops - Mark - destination workshops; market as Saranac Lake Adirondack Art experience - using where we are to market the event; coordinate with local restaurants, outfitters.

Cat: all invited to artists roundtable at North Woods Inn in LP in dining room, 5:30 pm - informal critique (Artists League of Lake Placid) - Wed. Nov 10; encourage artists to attend

ArtWorks Postcards - no motels really interested in it; (Adk Motel got some ice palace postcards directly from Mark); drop idea

Mark - 10th anniversary celebration Nov 19 and weekend, more to follow.

Dracula opens Thursday at Pendragon.

Burdette doing a daily blog - gets about a 100 hits/day
Natalie - picture a day/blog very effective

Cris: Artist speaking at NCCC tomorrow night; Russell Banks tonight.

Next meeting: Dec 14 - Advertising Committee should meet and generate ideas for 2011....