saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - October 27, 2009

Attendance: ArtWorks 10/27/09 - Bluseed Studios - Meeting to discuss "Who/What We Are" continued.

Mark, Meg, Georgeanne, Todd, Sandy, Matt & Carol met at Bluseed tonight and put our creative powers to work to draft the following statements. We'd like to schedule another meeting to incorporate suggestions and wrap things up - but calendars are pretty full. So for now - please "reply to all" and share your comments.

ArtWorks Tagline (or slogan): Artists promoting and nurturing the arts.
(could be used in advertising, web site, quick response when someone asks "what is ArtWorks?", etc.)

Mission Statement: Promoting and nurturing the arts through cooperative ventures of artists, businesses, and organizations by encouraging the creative processes.
(General, simplified explanation - the external definition that the public will see).

Vision (this has not been defined yet - this is a brainstorm list of what we thought ArtWorks could/should do - how we promote & nurture. This is an internal document that will help guide the actions of ArtWorks - it probably should be prioritized)

- maximize artist opportunities
- facilitate group advertising
- have a web presence
- promote our events
- be an influential voice in the community
- coordinate marketing
- brand Saranac lake as an arts destination
- outreach - represent the SL arts community
- collective support - provide a branding package to the Chamber, media, web inquiries, etc.
- nurture/educate artists (discussions, presentations, critiques, etc.)
- support for artists, visiting artists (provide lodging opportunities), other kinds of assistance
- business development (advice, assistance for arts related businesses)
- help "toot our horns" - (i.e., email or web announcements about artist accomplishments, etc.)
- group PR (i.e., "summer art events in Saranac Lake" - send out to media)
- be there to help each other
- networking - helping to make connections
- group hugs (just checking to see if you're reading all this....)

Tagline revised: Artists promoting and nurturing the arts within our community.

Mission revision - Saranac Lake ArtWorks: Promoting, encouraging and nurturing the arts and creative processes within our community through cooperative ventures of artists, businesses, and organizations.


Saranac Lake ArtWorks: Encouraging, nurturing and promoting the arts and creative prcoesses within our community through cooperative ventures of artists, businesses, and organizations.

Does "creative processes" work or could it be better defined or stated? Creative endeavors? activities? projects?

Next Meeting: Nov 10 - 8:30 AM, Artists' Guild