saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - October 21, 2009

Attendance: ArtWorks 10/21/09 - Bluseed Studios - Meeting to discuss "Who/What We Are"
Mark, Peter, David, Bob, Georgeanne, Jack, Sandy, Meg, Burdette, Tim, Matt, Carol, Susan

Guest facilitator: Jack Drury

Not be a business
Make things simpler for us
visual, performing & literary arts -

First Group discussion - distillation of mission statements from previous brainstorming list

  • To promote & nurture the arts and the community of Saranac Lake. (the public message)
  • Saranac Lake Area Artists support the promotion & development of the arts in our community through co-operative ventures of artists, businesses, and organizations by encouraging the creative process through education, opportunities, and community development.
  • ArtWorks is a collaboration of artists in the Saranac Lake region focusing on the support and cooperation of diverse artists for the promotion of and education about the arts.
Mission statement - general and simple - what is given to the public
Vision statement - internal document that helps define and direct the organization; more detailed - with goals & objectives

Goals & Objectives - specific actions we wish to do -(preliminary discussion)
  • increase the market - promote SL as an arts destination - get the world to come here
  • group advertising
  • nurturing - volunteerism, attend events, the creative process, innovative events
  • branding - all businesses should have a little ArtWorks member sign
  • education

Next meeting to continue this discussion: Tues. Oct. 27, 7 pm, Bluseed.

Nov 10 next business meeting - time TBD

Next Meeting: Nov 10 - time and location TBD