saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - Oct 13, 2015

Larry Poole
Greg Hill
Peter Seward
Diane Leifheit
David Woodward
Nancy Sue Foltz
Mark Gibbons
Jim Hotaling
Russ DeFonce
George Cook
Mark Kurtz
Tim Fortune
Burdette Parks
Shawn Halperin
Marie Cogar
Tara Palen

St Bernard's School has a new development director named Marc Czadzeck. They are interested in reaching out to the community and suggested creating a website for regional artists to sell their work through. This could be run by them, and the proceeds will go both to the artists and a portion of sales to St Bernard's. General consensus was that this was a good idea provided they will be doing the website work. Mark Kurtz will follow up.

George Cook donated $300, $100 to each BluSeed, Pendragon, and ArtWorks, in support of their potential collaboration as an arts center for the good of Saranac Lake

View in Old Forge has arranged for ArtWorks to exhibit over the winter in their second gallery on the first floor. The dates are Nov 28-April 13. ArtWork needs to be submitted by no later than Nov 16, 1 piece per member. The reception will be on November 28 from 5-7. We need to know who is interested in participating as soon as possible.

Question on if we should pursue NCPR underwriting as general ArtWorks promoting for the rest of the year. There was a motion by Diane and seconded by David to use NCPR $20 on-air ad spots for advertising ArtWorks events.. The vote was unanimous.  General consensus was that this should happen, Burdette will follow up.

Is it too late to organize and promote a holiday art tour?? Potential cooperative efforts: Sparkle Village Dec 4th, Art Off The Wall at BluSeed starting Nov 20,Big/Little show at LPCA, openings at the Guild and Northwinds on the same weekend (Friday evening) as Sparkle Village. If we are to do something it needs to happen now in order to be properly promoted. No consensus was reached outside of the NCPR underwriting to promote Saranac Lake as an arts community with many galleries and arts events, etc. Was mentioned that we should reach out to local radios for promotion (see NCPR underwriting above)

The Art Trail website is almost up and running! The rack card is also being worked on, and both should be ready within the next two weeks. Idea was floated to create a project where each time you visit a place on the Art Trail you receive some kind of 'credit' and if you visit them all you will be like a 46'er of the arts or something like that. Idea would need someone to help flash out and truly create it.

The feasibility study for an arts center was brought up but tabled for future discussions, no new news to report.

Extensive discussion on the past and future of ArtWorks in general. Who are we? Where are we going? How to we get there?? Should Artworks go back to the original mission of promoting Artists through group advertising and a website? Suggested and agreed that we define the mission more. Diane and Tara and Greg will reach out to Kathy Recchia (NYSCA) and Cali Brooks (Adirondack Foundation) for their assistance in helping to define ArtWorks and looking for outside help in terms of grants, etc. and a possible major retreat for Strategic Planning for sometime in January or February.

Added to the minutes by Sandy, 10/15/15 - This is that statement I asked be read at the meeting: I regretfully submit my resignation to ArtWorks, effective 12/31/15. I feel the only way we can move forward is for me to resign and get out of the way!  I simply cannot give up so much of my life to running the organization. When things need to be done and no one else can do them, I've been doing them all. I just need to step back from the operations of ArtWorks. I would still like to coordinate the Plein Air Festival but am going to ask for more help. I will do the website until we can find someone else. I still want to be a member of ArtWorks. Thank you.

A statement that Sandy Hildreth (who was out of town and unable to be at the meeting) submitted stated that she will be stepping back from all administrative responsibilites at the end of the year but remaining a member and continuing to organize the Plein Air Festival.  That leaves a lot of details that will need to be covered in the future.  A suggestion was made to raise ArtWorks member fees by $25 to hire someone to maintain the website as that was one of Sandy's responsibilities.  Also needed again is a Membership Coordinator(s) which is also a paid position…$$? Also need to find someone to step up as treasurer as Burdette will be stepping down from that post (but remaining a member)