saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - October 13, 2009

Attendance: 10/13 - David, Burdette, Meg, Georgeanne, Tim, Sandy, Mark, Susan
    10/14 - Georgeanne, Bob, Tim, Susan, Todd, Meg, Peter,

Financial Report - $798 in the bank; doublecheck records - some questions about Bluseed, Georgeanne, Burdette  payments;
Chamber will be payint $250 for artist postcards (see below, money has now been rec'd as of this posting, SH)

Advertising Opportunities
- committee to work out advertising: Tim, Mark, Sandy, Matt (need to meet before next meeting)

Meg - Artisan major at PSC, college wants to invite artists for a luncheon - planning a 4 yr program with a balance between art “business” and art creation; internships, mentoring (paid); pottery studio, woodworking, stained glass + other art forms 

Visitor’s Guide Cover - the Chamber is depending upon "us" - the arts community, to provide quality artwork/image for the cover of the 2010 Visitor's Guide; no payment - credit included inside; theme of booklet will be "health & wellness" - cover just needs to be the best we can come up with.

Tourism Council - 11 AM, 10/28, Georgeanne, Bob volunteered to attend and represent the arts; formed by the Chamber.

Holiday ArtWalk - 4th & 5th, Fri. pm and all day Sat.; Fri. night - B. Parks has opening from 5 - 7 at Guild;  Bluseed event (artworks exhibit); Sat. night Pendragon concert - $5/head door - Martha Galagher ; Tim will go around and contact businesses for $$ like he does for ArtWalk; affordable art @ Bluseed; Georgeanne willing to do interiew with Todd Moe; Susan has 5 spots a month on NCPR and willing to mention Artwalk; Tim suggested we involve children’s art; Tim - can probably get a free block ad in ADE; LMA - 12/10 & 11 - Dickens evenings/group ad; do we join in their ad? Sparkle Village ad? (it is the same weekend as Holiday ArtWalk).

Chamber ArtWorks & Postcard display - Peter will give design to town and ask them to put the anchors in; will contact us when ready for art; Peter - suggested existing display racks be used for our artists postcards, with a sign indicating they are from regional artists.

ArtWorks Events - if you can get info and dates to Sandy, she will post it on the ArtWorks web site calendar of events.

Cape Air - Arts Sponsorships - provide names to Tim & Bob; Todd - find out schedule & suggest sponsor events

Art in Storefronts (the downtown Hartford project) - tabled.

Studio Tour - relatively successful; it would be nice to include in ArtWorks PR

Art Annex - Saranac Lake Young Arts Assoc. wants to meet there; Todd - suggests they mention the $$ came from ArtWorks

ArtWorks web site - make more visua (add images to some of the 100% text pages) l; link to Susan’s blog

Alternatve ArtWorks meeting times - talk about it; every other meeting in the evening; alternate and keep on Tuesdays? No decision.

Todd: ability to accommodate artists who come to area for special events - should we form a list of available housing? Seems like a good idea.

Meeting to discuss who/what we are? Wed. 10/21 7 pm, Bluseed.

Next Meeting: Nov 10 - time and location TBD