saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Oct 12, 2010

Attending: Cris, Dan Sullivan, Andy, Todd, Larry, Tim, Burdette, Susan, Mark, Matt P, Cat, Peter Shrope, Courtney, Sandy

Agenda Items

Adirondack Business Center (Clarkson building next to Lakeview Deli) report - several members provided artwork for display; suggested a “Meet the Artists” reception. Will rotate artwork in coming months.

Debrief on “Smokin’ Art” machine - Todd
Very successful - sold 600+ $1 works of art from 30 artists. Good press: NCPR, Adk Life, newspapers. Need to get together and brainstorm how else to use it - so it continues to be fresh and exciting and promote the arts in Saranac Lake. Some suggestions: raise price; sell "special quarters" - at a higher price; use as a fund-raiser or loan to organizations to use for fund-raising; offer an "art trading";  have at the Farmers Market; have in a permanent location as a tourist draw, etc.

Postcards for motels - send a sample and ask how many are interested; Burdette agreed to handle images. Sandy will contact motels.

Holiday Art Events - Thanksgiving through March/Easter - need schedule of events - ask artists, writers, etc. for events
First Friday Horror Films at 7444. SEND TO SANDY

December ArtWalk - after much discussion I believe we decided not to have an art walk but to promote the "Art Under a $100" member exhibit at Bluseed - the opening reception will be Sat. Dec 11. Committee to plan this event: Todd, Cris, Cat, and Tim - Larry will check with Carol. It's been suggested proceeds be donated to a local charity - details to be figured out by the committee. If you have ideas, send to committee. One suggestion was to coordinate exhibit with a class or workshop at Bluseed.

Membership - needs to fund advertising and support mission. In 2010: 11 business members @ $50; 10 artists members @ $25; of all those members, 16 paid an additional $150 advertising fee (our 2010 advertising was $3057 plus $400 paid for by the Plein Air Festival). Burdette proposed increasing membership to $100 for business and $50 for artists, plus an advertising fee TBD - however it was tabled so committee could come up with a membership proposal. A committee was formed to discuss both membership levels and criteria for membership: Peter, Larry, and Sandy - more welcome.

Advertising - Sandy presented a 2011 advertising proposal approximately around the same $ amount as in 2010. Andy Flynn also presented information about the Meet the Town publications and Upstate Summer Fun. Proposal can be downloaded as a pdf. Todd suggested greater use of social media (all Hobofest promotion was via email, social media and posters) and will prepare a presentation for next meeting. Review proposal - will vote on it at next meeting.

Artists League of Lake Placid - membership in ArtWorks? Forgot to discuss - however it can wait until we decide upon membership levels.

Reminder: Thurs. event 7:30 at Bluseed - informal meeting with Hannah Hanford - she will share her experiences developing a Virginia city as an arts destination; time to chat afterwards. BYOB & snacks.

Mark - ANCA - reviewed meeting that focused on arts, culture & history & Chamber “Eggs & Issues” meeting on the Arts in Saranac Lake. All positive stuff.

Next business meeting: Nov 9, 8 AM, Artists' Guild - Decide upon membership fees. Finalize advertising plans - should have advertising committee to plan/design ads.