saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - Oct 8, 2013, 8:30 am

Attending: Karen Kirkham, Larry Poole, Mark Kurtz, Cris Winters, Burdette Parks, Sandy Hildreth, Tim Fortune

Financial - very healthy; balance of $11,000. (Plein Air - made money off sales and retained proceeds of Silent Auction to ut towards hiring someone; and Studio Tour has a surplus at this time - not all bills paid; did not spend all the member funds - was conservative with advertising; will need new brochures)

Studio Tour - Cris
Still collecting evaluations; in general artists are thrilled; people made money, had more visitors and were happy with the abundance of signs
  • Artists register very late - which was not a problem this year because book was late; really need a deadline; have a late deadline fee? Partial payments allowed? Yes
  • Sponsor issue - Business Sponsor program did not provide enough funds - so Studio Tour needed to raise own sponsor funds - problem was not knowing which businesses had been approached by Tim for Bus Sponsor (Karen - Pendragon does a Google doc that records who is contacted and invoiced)
  • Booklet - really late; could have been done in June; delayed due to sponsor problem; digital registrations worked great; editing and proofing process was challenging/
  • Need to plan for next year and for a new designer (committee: Cris, Sandy, Karen)
  • Sponsorship
  •  PR (signs & PR)
  • Coordinator supervises - delegates various jobs to volunteers and committees
  • Send letter out to participants; explain plans; ask for help
Holiday Exhibit at Bluseed - Nov 22 opening - same as LPCA Big Little Show; Carol offered to extend their opening until 8 pm so we can attend both.

Business Sponsors: will need to actively get the program going; a committee is needed. Karen - Pendragon does a Google doc that records who is contacted and invoiced - so it’s always available and constantly updated.

Slate of new officers: still working on it.

Annual Meeting & Presidents’ “state of the arts” presentation - Invite: Chamber, Village, First Night, Town, regional elected officials, current and potential business sponsors, LPCA. St Law Arts Co, NCCCA; Member meeting - elect officers - State of the Arts Meeting - include Pendragon; Presidents talk; propose part-time staff person
  • 5;30 - Business Meeting for members; election of officers.
  • 6 - Business Sponsor reception, presentations by ArtWorks events; Bluseed; Pendragon - Mark: "state of the arts" talk
  • Nov 12 - 5:30 / 6 - Bluseed - confirm dates; Bluseed selected because we wanted to be surrounded by art - may not work because they many not have an exhibit then.
  • Sandy - Invitation: 1st Saranac Lake ArtWorks “State of the Arts” Annual Meeting & Celebration
  • Refreshments; RSVP; 6:45 brief presentation on accomplishments; cultural contributions and economic impact - $300 for food, plus beverages; email members with RSVP - celebrate and thank our sponsors, sponsorship recognition. Contact Lake View Deli - about it. (Mark will) ORDER STICKERS
  • Tim - create a printed “state of the arts” hand-out/publication - bound?
Fractured Atlas - tabled until after the annual meeting
Fractured Atlas ( Membership

“Fractured Atlas was created to give artists the tools and help they need to shift their focus back to the important things, like actually making art!”

What we gain
Would provide not-for-profit status, immediately
Allow us to collect donations
Allow us to apply for grants
Make us eligible for fiscal sponsorship - funding from corporations and businesses that  seek to support arts organizations
Provide liability insurance for our events (additional cost)
Provide insurance to cover our artwork on display at our events
Full refund after 90 days if not satisfied with services

What we pay
7% fee on all donations - no additional credit card fees
$95/yr for an individual membership, $195/year for an organizational membership - we could do it as an individual membership, at least to start out and see how we like it.
Next Meeting: Annual Meeting, Nov 12 5:30 pm