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Notes from Meetings - Oct 11, 2016


Mark, Sandy, Marie

Studio Tour (Sept 30-Oct 2)

Georgeanne: got Todd Moe interview; article in Champlain Weekly; got out posters; need to get more out; signs up in Village (need permit); posted on Facebook; took photos & video. Peter S said it was slow, but Peter had best sales ever; generally slow; not sure if local papers published PR; ad was not published; would welcome suggestions and positive criticism. Gail McKay said it was dud. Marie reported she has sales during ArtWalks when she is at Cape Air. Mark - no on Friday; a couple of visitors on Sat - had a sale, not associated with tour.

Mark: Studio Tour is good to do; keeps name out there. Sandy - I think we need to open it to other artists. Mark - use same format; charge extra for non-members. Flat fee no matter how many days. All groups doing the Studio Tours ought to do some joint marketing. Talk with Georgeanne; Sandy - meeting with Brittany from AdkAction to discuss group marketing of Plein Air festivals. Nov tour will really need to be promoted. Beth sent an email to Johnny at Chamber in late Sept - sent info about tours to him; he said he’d send an email out - Mark will let him know to do it about the last week in October. Suggest they put it on their Facebook page.

Emphasize again to artists that they need to get signs out.

Pendragon had the public meeting about future ideas, etc. Mark suggested to Holly Wolff that she contact Chamber and ask them to promote meeting. They did; Johnny also attended Pendragon meeting (even though Chamber had a business after hours prior).  About 70 people attended. Stop calling it an “arts center” - it’s a new theatre. Better communication needed. Involve those who are opposed. Ended on a positive note.

Village grants involving arts have been approved for review in Albany; we need to remind them, if grants are funded, that they need to involve the arts community. Use groups and events already in existence. Chamber should be involved too.

Snowshoe Championships - exhibit in Village office. Will put the word out in January. I suggested a contest. We should have a card or hand-out available.

Plein Air Festival. Still waiting for final bills; accidentally charged one of my painting sales to PAF account using Square; $1296; have since transferred the funds to my personal account. Will write the $1000 check to SLCS - proceeds from Plein Air auction.

Wed. ArtWorks/BluSeed meeting at 5 - Jim C has met with Amy about questions other Jim had; it appears they are ready to move forward. Try to get it done before end of year.

November meeting postponed - will meet in December after the BluSeed Board meeting.