saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - Sept 9, 2014 & Oct 14, 8:30 am

Present: Peter Seward, Kent, Mark Kurtz, Sandy Hildreth - an additional meeting was held Oct 14 - Mark and ?

President, V-P, and Secretary have resigned.

Mark: ArtWorks still struggling with identity; uncertainty about non-profit status; need to be able to hire someone; REDC had a grant opportunity that would fund a staff position - only non-profits can apply. ArtWorks could have a board of directors that handles things like fund-raising, etc.

Hobofest - non-profit under umbrella of Adk Sustainable Communities

Mark: the Arts, as a whole in SL, need to work closer together; many boards. Michelle Hannon suggested a single, supervisory board for all the arts entities - like the corporate world.

If ArtWorks folds, SL would continue to have galleries and events - but the collaboration and organization may end.

We have money in the bank - hire someone? obtain not-for-profit status? use as seed money for grants

Peter attended the meeting with the NYSCA rep in August. Lisa Robb. Said there are many communities in NY that believe in the arts.

Mark: let’s hire a lawyer and get the not-for-profit status so we can apply for the grants. Mark could contact Amy.

Kent: we all have our own inbred group of supporters - we all should be reaching out to the general population and cultivating interest from the whole community for the arts. ArtWalks and Hobofest do a lot to attract a broader audience. One way to do that is through kids.
  • should we create a board - get help running ArtWorks?
  • is ArtWorks still needed - could the galleries and theatre, etc. maintain the “arts reputation” for Saranac Lake without our coordination efforts?
  • could the art collaborators group play a larger role?

Plans were made to have an Annual Meeting, create an online survey for member in-put, and to plan a facilitated retreat to determine the future of ArtWorks.

Next Meeting: Annual Meetin Tuesday, Nov 11 2014, 6 pm at Bluseed; RSVP Mark Kurtz
All Members are welcome to attend!