saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Sept 14, 2010

Present: Burdette, Courtney, Tim, Peter Seward, Matt P, Larry, Bob, Mark K, Susan, and new members Brandon DeVito (Waterhole Upstairs Lounge) and Andy Flynn (Hungry Bear Publishing)

Note: Larry’s show opens at Bluseed on Thurs, 9/16

Post Cards:  a year or so ago, we produced 500 postcards featuring the work of 10 members which we sold to the Saranac Lake Area chamber of commerce.  We’re not sure how many the Chamber has left, but there have been inquiries from a motel owner who would like to be able to sell them.  Should we do another run?  Should we invite new members to contribute?  Yes to both questions.  Susan will send out an e-mail to the group about it.  We also should research various printing options (ie, cost for larger quantity, or smaller qty each of more works, etc.)  Last year we paid about .24 each and sold them to the Chamber at .50 each: a good deal. (Chamber sells them at $1.00 ea)  Maybe the Chamber could send out an inquiry to motels as to who amongst them might want to participate.

New promotional web site:  This is a joint venture: Mark, Sandy, & Tim have been meeting with Ernest Hohmeyer and Cathy Moore about promoting SL as an arts destination – arts broadly interpreted: ie healing arts, culinary arts, “adventure” arts (guiding, canoe trip-leading, etc.), hospitality arts, etc etc.  We joined with them & lotsa others to take out a full-page ad in the “Embark”, which lists this new web site.

This is a linking website – ie, not a lot of content, but links to members’ sites – we will be able to count hits & measure impact of Embark ad.  Please look at it & share feedback:  Sandy did most of the design work (pro bono, at that!)

Longer term:  a group needs to be formed with reps from SL Art Works, the Healing Arts group, the Culinary Arts people, the Adventure Arts folk, the lodging people, and so forth – this group can help plan more long-term, co-ordinated marketing and promotional initiatives.  Mark will contact Ernest H to see about arranging this.

Membership question:  Susan was contacted by an artist from Lake Placid interested in joining us.  It was discussed and agreed upon that members from Lake Placid should be welcomed, providing they understand that we are Saranac Lake Art Works: we exist to promote Saranac Lake, not the Tri-Lakes

Art Annex:  Matt Paul & Maria DeAngelo have been developing the Art Annex – workshop space is available for small-ish groups (ie, 6 or 8 people) at a flat rate of $5.00 per workshop.  Matt will send an informational e-mail out to the membership.

Art Machine:  work is needed for Thursday’s Art Walk.  A stuffing party is to be held at 6 pm, Wednesday 9/15, at 7444.  Or, pieces can be dropped off to Susan at Borealis Color beforehand. The machine is currently only about 1/3 full. 

New Members:  Brandon DeVito of the Waterhole Upstairs Lounge and Andy Flynn of Hungry Bear Publishing have both become members.  (HOORAY!!)  Andy has also started a group for local professional writers to support each other:
– new members welcome – to join, contact Andy with a photo & bio.  We are hoping to tie the literary arts in to Art Works events more visibly: ie, perhaps an “Authors’ Alley” on Art Walks, with book signings and/or a book fair.

Next Social Gathering:  Oct 21st, possibly at Bluseed (Susan will check on that) – we will be hosting Hannah Hanford, who formerly worked with an arts community in Virginia.  We hope to learn from her experience – to see if there are any insights she can share which might help us in continuing to build SL as an arts community.  –Larry pointed out that this is not the kind of social, mutually-supportive activity we would like these evenings to be, so we agreed to schedule another evening event for November – date TBD.

Next Business Meeting: Oct 12 8:00 am Adk Artists’ Guild  the agenda will include discussion of 2011 advertising