saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Sept 13, 2011

In attendance: Attending: Mark, Bob, Nadia, Susan, Cris, Sandy
Guests: Sue Patterson, Beth Gallagher

Agenda Items

Meeting Times: We will still try evening meetings for alternate months - Oct 11 will be in the evening.

Sue Patterson - First Night. How to involve the arts. If interested we would have to take it on. Something that takes the community to make a piece of art work. (like project an image onto a large surface; cut it up into parts; paint by number; individuals could “paint” or color each part; cool part is when it gets assembled at the end of the night; shown in the Town Hall; or a piece at each venue) Collage? Bring in objects? Need answer by our October meeting. WHO WANTS TO ORGANIZE THIS?

Plein Air - $7745 in sales; ArtWorks gets 10% - $774. Included is $2130 in Silent Auction sales. 40 registered artists - $800+ registration fees. Historic Saranac Lake will get $1800 donation from auction ($200 went towards one of the Sponsor Awards). Evaluations all good.

ArtWorks address/checkbook/mail/phone (after Borealis closes) - keep address at Guild; phone number - pay as you go phone? Susan said she would accept phone calls.

Fall Arts promotion - specific discounts - $5: Nadia interested even if she is not on Studio Tour.

Victor Forbes, editor in chief of Fine Art magazine (in Keene Valley); Art Fair at the LP Convention Center; no charge for this year; can use room walls; Columbus Day weekend; Flaming Leaves Festival;  11 - 6 each day; 7:30 - 11 each day. Booth space donated - 8 x30; Set up -Thursday and Friday.  (own booth would be $750) Let Victor know by Sunday; assemble and hang. Possibility of also having it on the Fine Art magazine online gallery. Would need jpegs from everyone. SEND OUT EMAIL WITH SCHEDULE. Done - 10 of us are going to particpate and exhibit.

Cris Winters - talked with Caroline Thompson about getting a grant for an intern for Farmer’s Market; probably not likely.

Holiday season plans - 1st Thursday ArtWalk? Arts weekend (1st or 2nd weekend) - all galleries/local studios have open house; individual studios too - create a simple map; possibly Pendragon? 12 Days of Art! SOMEONE NEEDS WITH CREATIVE IDEAS NEEDS TO STEP UP AND FORM A COMMITTEE AND START WORKING ON THIS. Can't wait until November.

Arts Directory - how to promote ArtWorks next year - TABLED UNTIL NEXT MEETING

SL Art Works Art displays at other locations - someone to manage (change twice/year; create labels, pricelist). THIS STILL NEEDS TO BE WORKED OUT. Perhaps twice a year, switch work exhibited at the Chamber Office and Adirondack Business Center.

Web Site - (submit bill) - updates, events, ideas - provide stats info (Sandy has paid for the web site for 3 years - is submitting a bill for reimbursement  - about $180 - since we have some profit from the Plein Air Festival and memberships).

2012 Advertising - planning next years ad strategies - who will do ad? Set up budget proposal; get someone to design it. AN ADVERTISING COMMITTEE NEEDS TO FORM AND MEET. CONTACT SANDY.

Ad in Cape Air magazine - promote Saranac Lake as THE Arts Destination - $500 for 1/4 page? Most felt it was worth while.

North Country Regional Economic Development Council - Arts & Culture Sector report (Mark) - arts had not been included in the grant application. Emphasis was on job creation and WPA was mentioned. Artists have the same needs as other small businesses. Gov wants to see proposals that would introduce jobs.

North Country Regional Economic Development Council public forum, Wed. 6-8, Wild Center ( Sandy attended and spoke up about the potential the arts have for an economic impact.

Studio Tour - need a team for 2012; SANDY IS RETIRING AFTER DOING IT FOR 5 YEARS. Sandy will write the grant (due in Oct.)

From Previous Meeting:
Banners - 9 2 sided Studio Tour banners have been ordered. ArtWorks to pay 1/2, around $250, and Studio Tour will pay half, $250. Was not time to create Plein Air banners but expenditure was agreed to at August meeting.

Todd, Cris, Larry - agreed to get together and discuss how we can get more members involved.

Farmers Market - is anyone attending on behalf of ArtWorks?

Next Meeting: Oct 11, 7 pm, Artists' Guild