saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Sept 11, 2012  8 am, Artists Guild

Attending: Mark, Susan, David, Bob, Sandy, Beth, John

Agenda Items

Financial Report
- Burdette was unable to attend; finances are OK.

Web Site
  • August set a record: 66,600 hits; 5749 actual visits; over 1500 visits in Sept
  • 52% directly to home page; 16% plein air; then events; artists; studio tour, etc.
  • almost 12% of our hits came from the Chamber web site (events, PAF + ST)
  • <1% from Facebook
  • most commonly used search words had to do with plein air festival, artworks, artwalks, art events
Developing Sponsorships - Sandy
  • Submitted a proposal to have 4 levels of business sponsorship (see attached); main purpose is to cultivate regular support from the busiiness community AND to basically just have to do it once and have the funds support all our activities. However - no wish to "compete" with Bluseed and Pendragon, need to collaborate. Further ideas:
    • Offer artwork as gift to the top sponsor?
    • Include ArtWalks?
    • Private evening reception for potential sponsors?
    • Create a brochure
    • Host a Chamber Mixer and make a brief presentation at that
    • In Kind sponsorship could also be valuable
    • Bob - offer discount to those who do both? ArtWorks sponsor gets discount on ad in Pendragon program.
    • Mark - meet with Bluseed, Pendragon, Studio Tour & Plein Air
    • Village involvement as a sponsor? Cash? Grant-writing? In-Kind
    • Review, polish up and prepare to businesses in January when they are planning budgets for coming year.
    • Mark - talk to Tim about including ArtWalks
    • Talk to Bluseed
    • Meet - Oct 3, 4 pm to finalize proposal to present to ArtWorks at Oct 9 meeting
    • Presentation to Chamber?
Brochures: keep distributing them - list of business assignments (attached) - check to see if they need more for busy fall season.

Plein Air Festival
  • 55 Artists registered - $1100+; 15 from within the Adk Park; rest of NY, 7 out of state
  • $3060 raised from Silent Auction (40 artists) - should be able to present $2700 check to Pendragon
  • 17 artists sold 1 or more paintings at the Show & Sale; $6920 - $700 profit to ArtWorks
  • photo op - presenting check to Pendragon - schedule when check is ready - PR
We should report our financials to Village! Let them know what kind of financial impact the arts have.

Studio Tour (pick up packets of booklets, signs, etc.) - promote

Burdette: info on liability insurance - opportunities for group coverage for ArtWorks members? Tabled until next meeting

Tim, Susan, ?: By-Laws? - will work on it

Lake Placid Holiday Stroll, Dec 7 - 8
  • ArtWorks has been invited to participate; Sandy has met with organizers is discussing - needs to be downtown where there is foot traffic; limited display; 3 - 4 artists in attendance for 1/2 day. PURPOSE IS EXPOSURE FOR OUR MEMBERS, distribute info, what's available in Saranac Lake and attract people here.
  • DO WE WANT TO PARTICIPATE? We wanted more attention and now we're getting it. Members need to step up and help out.
  • Lake Placid is willing to distribute our holiday promotional materials if we distribute their Holiday Stroll rack cards!
Our Holiday plans?
  • It was decided that each gallery/business/individual can choose to hold whatever kind of event (or not) they wish - a holiday open house with refreshments; an evening with live music; a special sale, etc.; those near each other might want to choose the same night and/or partner with a restaurant....
  • START PLANNING NOW - so schedules could be printed in November!
New Business
  • Creative Place-Making/National Endowment for the Arts grant; Jeremy contacted us about working with Village
  • report on Adirondacks: A Place to Dream event in Lake Placid: 70? attended; long speeches, little audience interaction; yearly event? will involve ArtWorks more
  • PLEASE SEND A ROUGH ESTIMATE OF YOUR ANNUAL ART INCOME, HOW MUCH ART/SERVICES YOU DONATE, YOUR LOCAL ART EXPENDITURES - info will be kept confidential and just the summary used. We need this data to show what kind of financial impact the arts have. Send to Bob Pettee <>
  • NCPR program about Hannibal, MO as an arts community: - listen to audio report about 1/2 down the page.

Next meeting: Oct 9