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Notes from Meetings - September 8, 2009

Attendance: Sandy, Mark, Burdette, Larry, Susan, Carol, Tim, Bob, Todd, Peter, David

Mission – Who are we and what are we? Where are we going? What do we do? Originally formed by art retail businesses & Pendragon for the purpose of group advertising. Did ADK Living Show & full page ad in Explorer. Goal to raise the awareness of Saranac Lake as the arts destination of the Adirondacks. Individual artists have now come on board too.

Brainstorm Session – ArtWorks is/does:
  • a group that supports each others business venues, productions, through advertising and mutual attendance & promotion;
  • promoting SL as the arts destination;
  • acting as a generator of promotional ideas;
  • as a clearing house for art events;
  • group marketing & advertising;
  • promotion of artists and arts related businesses;
  • mutual support system;
  • promote SL as a place to live and work;
  • artists nurturing each other – nurturing the community;
  • artworks – art goes to work; artworks – art is successful; artworks – are works created by artists;
  • raise awareness level that the arts are an economic entity;
  • a growing arts community;
  • encouraging people within community to develop artistic side – think creatively;
  • we provide a creative atmosphere – inspiration;
  • all the arts/artists working together;
  • group critiques – can ArtWorks provide things for other artists?;
  • it’s not ‘business’ – it’s art;
  • mutual support & advertising – and work together to generate & create things to make this an arts community (i.e. other events);
  • support people who want to be artists;
  • give direction to beginners – help them participate;
  • educate the public about the arts – through events, workshops, concerts, etc.;
  • ArtWorks as a whole does not have to organize events – members/committees can do their own thing under the umbrella of ArtWorks;
  • SL ArtWorks could be part of Adirondack ArtWorks that then gives birth to other community ArtWorks – a franchise concept – template for SL ArtWorks can be shared with other communities

  • Previously had discussed dual membership levels: art businesses - $50; individual artists - $25 – put into effect around June. (Most members already paid the following, depending upon when they joined: $70 – ADK living Show; $70 1st Explorer ad; $42 2nd Explorer ad; $10 plexi sign, plus $50 or $25)
  • (Not discussed – but that means original members who contributed to every request have already paid $242 in 2009 – if my math is correct. SH)
  • Everyone should be sure they are credited with what they wished to pay for – coordinate with Susan.
  • Email Susan sent out was from the full page Explorer ad forward (as everyone involved at that time had paid for previous expenses)

Web Site
  • Stats attached below for those interested
Art Display – Chamber Office: Peter is now able to get back to getting it done; walls may be painted – but N. Elba doesn’t want to. We need to get art up.

Space above the Artists’ Guild – tabled due to lack of time

Publicity – address at next meeting

  • Holiday ArtWalk
    • Discussed at summer meeting; ArtWalks get good attention & attendence
    • Keep it simple; provide a map
    • Early in Dec.; decided – Fri. 12/4 & Sat. 12/5 better – contact Sparkle Village? (see committee below)
    • Musicians? (not discussed)
    • Pendragon usually has a holiday event – Martha Gallagher? – coordinate with Holiday ArtWalk – one of the nights; or at least market ArtWalk at concert
    • Group show at BluSeed – local artists; artisans – Gallery is open from Nov. 7 on – small works show? BluSeed has a holiday concert too
    • Sandy – Silent Auction? Perhaps ask artists to donate 1 small piece in return for opportunity to display & sell others; entry fee; commission?
    • Larry – perhaps we should not compete with Sparkle Village & church events (BluSeed has noticed a reduction in people on those nights)
    • Todd – Coordinate with other events
    • Mark – Marketing
      • Todd - Christmas Stroll/ArtWalk concept – coordinate with Santa’s arrival?
      • Peter – promote it like the Studio Tour (30 artists in Saranac Lake! 6 at BluSeed; 4 at …. Etc.)
      • David – who do we market to? People with money have left. Todd – people do come here for the holidays; promote both outside & inside the area.
    • Committee for Holiday Celebration of the Arts– Tim volunteered; Todd offered to do graphics; Carol – dates & coordination of hanging, etc.; Bob – will contact Martha too; Meeting time – 7444, 3 pm, Wed. 16
  • Postcards for the Chamber – could ArtWorks pay for cost ($110 for 500); ArtWorks & Chamber on back; artists names & info on front; sell to Chamber – good advertising

  • Plein Air Festival – 30 registered; 28 participated – 1/2 from outside area; raised $1055 for Saranac Lake Young Arts; about $350 for ArtWorks; got photos into media several times. Next year: enhance opportunities for photographers – darkrooms – Bluseed, college; printers; space above gallery?
  • 90 Miler Art Exhibit – Todd – collaborating with Sandy – lots of the paddlers do art, but none volunteered to participate (except 1) – so local artists have been encouraged to exhibit at Sat. night dinner at the Adult Center. Use plexi sign
  • Exhibit – did not discuss – at BluSeed in Oct.
  • Studio Tour – get on ArtWalk map; give booklets out; (includes promotion for ArtWorks)
  • Todd – we need to take advantage of opportunities to make a presence for the arts – some are well planned; some are more spontaneous.

Meeting Times – must discuss at next meeting!

Next MeetingOct. 13 8:30 Guild

Web Site Stats for August 2009

13, 256 hits; 2998 visits; averaged 96 visits per day with 191 max on Aug 22 (Plein Air Festival day)
(Sept. averaging 107 visits per day so far)

Significant hits:
51 hits via (URL included in original ad in Saranac Lake Chamber Visitors Guide)
51 hits via north country public radio (media sponsor for Plein Air Festival)
30 hits via (Chamber web site)

31% of the visitors spent over 7 minutes on the site – the plein air festival page got the most attention, averaging over 4 minutes.

78% of site visitors only looked at 1 page

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