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Notes from Meetings - Sept 13, 2016


Rachel Lamb, Larry Poole, Edward DeLeon, Tara Palen, Marie Cogar, Sandy Hildreth, Mark Kurtz

August meeting was skipped due to everyone being busy.

Partnership with BluSeed
Mark reviewed the progress of the proposed partnership with BluSeed Studios. A Task Force was formed with members of the BluSeed Board and members of ArtWorks to work out the details. They have met several times. The idea is for ArtWorks to continue to function as is, but under the umbrella of BluSeed. ArtWorks has never registered as any kind of legal entity with the state and our bank account is associated with an individual members social security number. Collaborating with BluSeed could relieve these legal issues and the ultimate goal is to hopefully find a way to be able to hire someone, through BluSeed, to carry on the work of ArtWorks and with the potential for sharing tasks. A meeting has been scheduled with BluSeed's accountant to facilitate the process. This would also allow ArtWorks to take advantage of BluSeed's not-for-profit status, enabling us to accept charitable contributions and qualify to apply for certain grants - which could help fund the paid position. It should be emphasized that both organizations will continue to function independently and ArtWorks can continue their mission of promoting the community through the arts.

Edward DeLeon's Ideas
Edward has made several presentations to ArtWorks, and other groups and organizations associated with the arts, about some exciting ideas that would take Saranac lake to a new level of arts promotion and development in the region. He would like to pursue these ideas, as projects of ArtWorks, much as the Plein Air Festival and Studio Tours function. He will be seeking funding opportunities and will report to the ArtWorks Steering Committee. Through BluSeed, he has applied for a Pearsall Grant and will apply for a RED-C NYSCA grant next year.

Arts Collaborators Meetings
At one time MIchelle Hannon, at BluSeed, had organized some informal meetings of the various arts organizations to discuss what's going on and to share ideas, etc. It was suggested that these be revived. There is a lot going on and we know things seem to work better when we collaborate!

Plein Air Festival
Sandy reported that it was very successful, everyone had a good time, new records were set in terms of sales of artwork. A final financial report will be given after all the bills come in and are paid. Edward: congratulations for running such a great event.

Chamber Involvement in Events
Edward: Saranac Lake recently hosted several weeks of great events: the Plein Air Festival, Farm 2 Fork, Hobofest, 90 Milers, etc. and there was no visible Chamber participation in these events. It seems these would be perfect opportunities for a greater Chamber presence to promote the community and the events. It was suggested this be shared with the ArtWorks members on the Chamber Board.

Studio Tours - Sept 30-Oct 2 and Nov 11-13
Georgeanne has gotten the Studio Tour promotional posters done and distributed to some of the arts venues in the SL. Artists participating should come pick up a supply at the Artists Guild. Get the word out via own email announcements, social media, etc. Georgeanne is working on press releases and advertising.

Mark has temporarily taken over ArtWorks finances from Burdette, needs to review things and hopes to be able to pass on the funds to BluSeed for fiscal management.

ArtWorks Hired Position
How should we look for an employee? (Larry - do not advertise; do it through word or mouth; identify people and encourage them to apply) Need a solid job description; clarify after establishing partnership with BluSeed.

Next Meeting: Oct 11.