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Notes from Meetings - Sept 12, 2017

ArtWorks Committee 9/12/17

Very brief August meeting; no notes taken.

Present: Tim, Gail McKay, Sandy, Carol, Johnny

Tim - ArtWalks - 2018 is the 20th year; Tim will stop running it. 99% of the work is done by the coordinator (not Tim); $300/ArtWalk pd to coordinator plus $50 for 4 performances per ArtWalk, total expenses $500/ArtWalk plus printing costs, etc.
Income is from venues - most pay $90 for all 4 or $25/ArtWalk - usually short around $500 so Tim “looks” for money; this year Cape Air gave him $1000. Could be a sponsor. Coordinator creates the flyer about a week before each walk. Barb Curtis stepped in this year to handle it. Want to get ROOST fully involved.

Sandy & Carol: we should not let it go to another organization; NYSCA would probably like it. ArtWorks paid position (manager) would be responsible for running it, so the $1200 to pay a coordinator would not be necessary. It could probably self fund from venue or sponsor payments.

Sandy - Hiring an ArtWorks Manager - ArtWorks would like to get moving on the process of finding an employee. Waiting for the grant decision in January (which is a 1/2 time ArtWorks, 1/2 time BluSeed position) is too long to go. Sandy suggested we get started by ArtWorks hiring someone 1/2 time so they can start on the Membership and Business Sponsor programs for 2018.

Carol mentioned a very strong local person who has expressed interest in the position. It was suggested ArtWorks put the word out, seeking applications and resumes; start doing some interviews.

Business Sponsor Program - joint ArtWorks/BluSeed venture - Carol said she was about to get started on it.

Membership for 2018 - Professional memberships don't require all that much work, although more could be sought, but we have never fully pushed for the $25 Supporting Memberships.

Studio Tours
Website is updated; artist list and map in progress.

Plein Air Festival
Over $41,000 in sales of ArtWork  ($36,000+;  75% goes back to artists)
Includes over $4000 in Silent Auction (1/2 goes back to artists) - $1000 to be donated to SLCS Art Program; St Bernards? Except for the $1000 1st Place Prize - all the prizes are donated
Registration fees cover a large percentage of actual costs
Need to review bills and do final tally - estimate $8000-$9000 profit
2018 will be the 10th anniversary
Asked for volunteers to take on some of the tasks
Janet Yeates - award sponsors

Gail - why don't members attend these meetings?