saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Aug 14, 2012  8 am, Artists Guild

In attendance: Bob Pettee, Larry Poole, Burdette Parks, Sandy Hildreth, Mark Kurtz, John DiGiacomo, Susan Olsen, Matt Burnett

Financial Report
Burdette sent update around; $7900 in the bank - but there will be bills to pay; need checks for plein air awards

Plein Air Festival
Need a few more volunteers to help out at the Plein Air Festival, almost 50 artists registered - Sandy will send out email

Studio Tour
Use postcards now, not booklets. Diane has made it clear she does not want to do the booklet next year - we need someone to design it. Combine with ArtWorks brochure? When should booklets be out? Should they be out for the ArtWalk?

- add David and Karen to email list for Pendragon

- we are now on the Lake Placid web site:; can we afford $100 for a photo listing on the Saranac Lake site? Do it.

- web site: hits up since April and growing

- insurance: do we have any more info on group insurance? Burdette - no

- by-laws: any progress on coming up with some by-laws and forming an association? Tim, Susan & others - no - try to get together and do it; work with Jeremy.

- keep putting our brochures out; make use of the map when giving people directions

- Lake Placid Holiday Stroll, any more info on that? John. Mark was supposed to meet with Gary Smith at North Woods Inn - will try to do.

- future fund-raising & sponsorship plans, Sandy. Needs to be done in January, when businesses are planning their budgets. John: consider banners or other forms that include sponsor names; mention names on web site. (For private foundations: add in $$ for Pendragon and Bluseed.) Mark: mention arts focus on economics of community. Talk to Rotary, Chamber? Host a Chamber after hours event? Put together a “fact” sheet about the arts. Not-for-profit status - not needed - it’s an advertising cost? Add memberships to Pendragon and Bluseed; tickets from Pendragon. Mark: suggest to Jeremy, Barb, Paul VC that we might want to sit and talk some time.

- Downtown Business group - get involved?

- grant opportunities
- DCA grants? NCCCA - need a rep on the board - John? Taking our brochures up.
- look to private foundations; lack of not-for-profit status could hurt - go through Pendragon/Bluseed/HSL?

- other?

Next meeting: Sept 11, 8 am, Artists Guild