saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - Aug 13, 2013, 8:30 am

In Attendance: Mark, Larry, Cris, Burdette, David, Sandy

Financials - last P&L provided info; Business Sponsor program took in about $2500 in revenue; needs to be more focused; organized in future.

Business Sponsor Program - Get stickers made - ArtWorks too (SH) not done

Sales Tax
: We are not a legal entity; don’t have a sales tax number & should. Burdette will apply for it; Square is on the way. ADD SALES TAX TO SALES FOR PAF

Plein Air Festival
1 pm Mark help with awards
- let Ron know if help is needed Sunday am
  • 8-10 am Thurs 8/15 - Artists Guild - check in/stamp canvases - David Z
  • 2-4 pm Thurs 8/15 - Artists Guild - help set up for silent auction; accept paintings - Peter Seward
  • 9 am Fri 8/16 - “Greeter” at VIC; share maps - identify painting locations - Cris
  • 4 pm - Sat 8/16 - Town Hall, accept paintings/hang - Ron
  • 8 am- 5 pm - Sun 8/18 - “host/hostess” at Show & Sale - Lindy; someone in charge of purchases; Cris
Cris will check on wifi - phone signal in Town Hall?

Studio Tour
- booklet in final draft; send to printer this week; Cris needs to organize publicity; 44 artists, 3 outpost locations. Sponsor issues this year is what delayed the booklet.

Arts Trail Grant - spoke with ANCA; deadline was 8/12/13; Bluseed is lead agency; North Country Regional Economic Development Council; $90,000.

NCCCA - we need more representation on board

Cris - bed tax - $$ for arts?

Farmer’s Market - Cris - trouble getting volunteers; having our own tent next year may not work; but it is good ArtWorks

Workshops/Seminars: Cris - will work on schedules - may need to charge - consider fees.

September/October Social Get Together? Mark will check with Carousel. Meet & Greet - ArtWorks members and business sponsors; Studio Tour & Plein Air; Sunday evening worked well for Pendragon; Oct 6? 7 - 9. Mark, David? Celebrate our “business of the year”; Chamber & Com Dev; Village Trustees; James Lemon, ROOST; David will send their Meet n Greet invite. Sandy - check with Jackie Altman

Annual Meeting - Nov 12 - 7 pm at Bluseed

Memberships - need to send out invoices; also go door to door for sponsorships

Next Meeting: Sept 10