saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - August 11, 2009
Yesterday's Art Works meeting was sparsely attended... summer being a very busy time for all of us.  Susan Olsen had a family emergency so I was able to get a key from her to open the Artists Guild for the meeting.  Bob Pettee stopped by briefly as he needed to be in LP by 9.  David Woodward was the only other person able to attend.

So - on the agenda:

Bob has a book at Pendragon ready for artists to put their bio, etc into - this would be similar to what the Artists Guild has - stop by and look at it to get an idea of what to include - not too much - maybe two pages, one for bio and artist statement and the other for images of the artists work.  This book will be on display at the SL Chamber of Commerce office for anyone that stops in, sees the art work on display and might have some questions about a particular artists or might just want to go through the book and see the extensive artist representation that the Saranac Lake area has.

Which leads to the next agenda issue: status of showing/hanging Art Works work at the Chamber office... Peter - what's the status on that?

Update on finances - we'll have to wait until Susan is back to find out details about that.

Plein Air Fest - we'll probably need to wait until Susan and/or Sandy is back to get update on that.

Christmas holiday events - the last meeting had a brief discussion about possibly doing an Art Walk in December... maybe two consecutive days, a Thursday and Friday perhaps, early in the holiday season, maybe December 3 & 4.  We could start making plans and doing promotion about that now.

Former Planned Parenthood offices - there have been a few e-mails floating on that - the space is available to look at now.  Here is the text from an e-mail that Meg sent out yesterday - you probably all got it but here it is again: This morning I went upstairs above the Guild to see the space formerly used by Planned Parenthood.  As Donna says, it is very nice.  I counted 7 rooms all freshly painted, two of which have sinks in addition to the one in the bathroom.  One sink is a large janitorial type of sink. Ther e is nice potential gallery space.  It's very clean and well lit and wasn't even all that hot in this muggy weather.

Ann says she will leave it open for a few days so that you can take a look.  You go in the side entrance by the parking lot and up the stairs. Make a hard left and go through the door.  The rooms wind around quite a bit to the front.  I also asked Ann to talk to Barb and see if she can get a firmer idea of a price. 

Should we attempt to discuss some of these issues by group e-mail for a week or so, rather than wait until our next meeting (second Tuesday, September 8 at 8:30AM) or try for another meeting before then or just put stuff off until the September meeting?

That's a quick update - thoughts anyone?