saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Aug 10, 2010

Attending: Mark, Bob, Tim, Todd, Matt, Burdette, Sandy, Susan, Courtney & Steven, Ashley (Native American crafts)

Agenda Items

Financial report
In the bank $1205 - $885 is Plein Air, real balance is $310

- Chamber membership -  ArtWorks has paid for a membership - our members are encouraged to join at 1/2 price ($112)
- Chamber events at a glance - weekly emails - member events get included
- Great Adirondack Days - Great Adirondack Holidays will be winter promotion
- Chamber office - updates to ArtWorks binder (Todd had idea about a different kind of display)

Plein Air Festival - help needed
- Thurs morning (8/19) - 9 - ? Borealis - help with registration/check-in (Cris Winters)
- Sat - 4 pm - move Silent Auction to Bluseed? (should we do this?) (Sandy, Meg will be at Gallery)
- REFRESHMENTS for “Meet the Artists” reception at Bluseed -MEMBERS ASKED TO BRING SOMETHING
- ideas about refreshments for Show & Sale - Saranac Lake Young Arts? Eat’n’Meet?
- Sunday - 9 am - Town Hall - help set up display racks - (Cat Micheels, Mark w/trailer, maybe)
- Sunday - 4 pm - help take down display racks
- Plein Air Festival & Mayor’s Cup - getting lots of good joint publicity

Village Arts map - Todd created one and asked for comments - we could put it on web site too. Will send it around electronically for review.

Membership dues - should we have a “friend of the arts” type membership? What about inviting them to our every other month social/evening event; offer workshops just for members; artist presentations, etc. Bumper stickers - (Todd will send new graphic) How do we present this: PR, social event, fall would be best - connect to an event? Most seemed to feel a $25 arts supporter membership level would be good. Consider at next meeting.

Ashley - local, low income folks in need of art events - Mark - this is worthy of discussion at a future time (at one of the evening discussion meetings)

Evening getogether - Aug 21 7 pm at Bluseed - maybe involve more people since it will follow the "Meet the Artists" reception for the Plein Air Festival.

Next one - Oct 21 - Susan is contacting Hannah Hanford to see if she would be willing to talk to us about her experiences developing an arts community in Virginia.

Studio Tour - would ArtWorks like to take it over? Yes - post a notice in Noris for a coordinator, email artists, figure out finances; it would be a mistake to let it drop; Burdette offered to help with design work. Consensus was that ArtWorks should keep the Studio Tour going.

Fall Marketing - Ernest Hohmeyer - plans, wording - “Arts Capital” or arts destination? We should meet with him (Sandy has contacted him about a possible meeting with Mark, Todd, Bob and Tim) He has a meeting tentatively scheduled for Wed. Sept 1, 6 pm, in the Library - but that's too long to wait.

Todd - we need a “reviewer”/critic to help promote the area. (Sandy has contacted Linda Peckel from the Albany Art Examiner - she is coming up for the Plein Air Festival).

Anything else?

Next meeting: Sept 14, 8 am , Artists' Guild