saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - Aug 9, 2011

In attendance: Susan, Cris, Larry, Todd, Burdette, Mark, Susan, Tim, Sandy

Treasurer’s Report - approximately $700 available (not counting Plein Air Festival and Studio Tour funds)

Banners - Sandy requested ArtWorks funds for Plein Air Festival and Studio Tour (28x45") banners to hang vertically from street light poles; village provides insurance and Nat Grid will hang them. Approximately 12 for $720. Decided it was too late to get Plein Air done. Members present agreed that ArtWorks could sponsor 1/2 the cost of 8 Studio Tour banners (around $250). The Studio Tour itself will cover the other 1/2. Plein Air Festival banners next year. Also suggested that ArtWorks perhaps get involved with Village to suggest a more esthetically pleasing way of hanging banners (instead of cluttering Main St. with all of them).

Todd: Big Daddy Signs (Election style signs) - $8/each; suggested a  temporary sign permit - Village planning board
Sandy: planning on some election type signs for Plein Air Festival and Studio Tour.

Meetings: requests for evening meetings - 2nd Tuesday - alternate morning and evening meetings each month. Therefore next meeting will be Sept 13 - 7 pm (Artists Guild?) & help is needed for various ArtWorks projects - Susan will draft email about it.

Help - how do we get more people to step up and help? It is recognized that family and sole proprietor businesses impact members abilities to help - but ArtWorks is a "member run organization" - we need our members to contribute more than just $$.

- Todd - summer arts intern - help with tasks, cover galleries when owner not available, attend Farmer’s Mkt, art events coordinator - put up posters, add our events to various calendar calendars, etc. - grant funded - TO DISCUSS FURTHER (combine with internship/residency at Bluseed?) Todd, Cris, Larry will explore idea.

- Farmer's Market: great venue to disseminate info about our organization & events. Can more members help participate? Susan - check up on bag of materials to distribute at Farmer’s Market

- Plein Air Festival - Aug 18 - 21 - anyone else available to help?
- put up posters - Cat
- help Susan - AM - Thurs. Aug 18 - Meg
- selling raffle tickets Thurs. Aug 18 - ArtWalk - support the VIC - Larry? Dan H?
- set up Silent Auction Thurs. Aug 18 3 pm - Diane
- greet artists at VIC - Fri. AM - Aug 19 - Cris
- Farmers Market - Sat. Aug 20 - Burdette? Check with Matt
- set up/take down - Sun. Aug 21 - Matt & Maria, Dan H?

- LODGING - need someone to host our juror of awards for Plein Air Festival - Larry, possibly? anyone else?

- Studio Tour - will send another email request out - there are a number of tasks we need help with
- sort & deliver booklets
- fold and address booklets
- Farmers Market - Sat. Sept 24

ArtWorks member art displays
Art @ Adirondack Business Center - Cris - look at what is there and plan a schedule. We should provide a sign about ArtWorks (there may be one there)
Art @ Chamber - probably time to redo - needs new sign about ArtWorks

Arts & Heritage Festival, June 26 - July 4. No clear results; there did seem to be an increase of people in town; some complaints of too many events going on. Have had meeting to discuss whether it's worth doing again. Mark noted that whether profitable or not, it was a way to promote "Saranac Lake" as an arts destination. Lots of media coverage. Franklin Co. Tourism sent out 60,000 emails. web site had a huge spike in visitors at this time.

Fall Arts Festival?  Mark & Sandy have met with (E. Hohmeyer) - would like to develop "packages" with Lake Clear Lodge, Gauthier's, and Adk Motel (only ones who currently are involved with Packages can be advertised on area tourism web sites. Lodging businesses would like to partner with us - artists, galleries, Pendragon, concerts, restaurants - offer discounts. Distribute our event materials. Would any artists or galleries like to offer discounts? - we could provide a handout of coupons or offers that would ONLY be distributed to people who stay at the partner motels. Mark & Sandy will probably offer something.

Tim & Todd - these businesses should be coming to us for events - provide our rack cards? Studio Tour booklets. They actually are coming to us, via the group. We are giving them our rack cards and other materials.

Home for the Holidays - events are being scheduled for December; ArtWorks and are getting involved - there will probably be joint marketing efforts. Consider planning special holiday season events: open houses, special exhibits, etc.

ArtWorks web site: steadily increasing numbers of visitors; we have a pretty comprehensive calendar of arts events - send your events to Sandy to post on site.

Our own Arts Directory - Mark brought up this topic to basically combine the Studio Tour booklet with our rack cards and create a folded brochure that is an area arts directory but also includes a map and identifies those artists/businesses participating in the Studio Tour. The Ithaca Arts Trail brochure was shown as an example. Discussion to be continued.

Next meeting: September 13 - 7 pm