saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - July 14, 2009
Tim, Bob, Peter, Mark, Sandy, Susan

Member payments? Susan will send an email report
*Reminder: in May or June we asked galleries to contribute $50 and independent artists to pay $25 to provide us with some operating funds.
Have our bills been paid? NO – we have 2 outstanding Explorer ad bills of $700 and $350!

Chamber Office Display
Peter will create diagram & let people know
Should have a bio book & poster
  • Bio book – each artist 2 pages
  • Mark will make a sample page & email out
  • Bob Pettee – will keep book & assemble it
Will need larger ID/price tags
Mark: middle of big table – maybe a small sandwich board/easel – work by local artists on the walls
Peter: wall might be better – they are big & white; large poster; our ArtWorks sign on plexiglass
Bob – will put together a piece for it

ArtWorks Promotional Materials
Postcards? –print locally
Bumper Stickers?

Display Panels
$360 for set of 4 NO – we will return them to Jackie
Banners - Marty Murphy will hang them in the village

Explorer? $400/3rd page; $300 for 1/4 page – NO (haven’t paid for last 2)

Cape Air – article about Plein Air Festival in current issue of “Bird’s Eye View” (Sandy now has copies available).

Individual Web Sites – put artworks logo and link on your web sites?

Suggestion: December “ArtWalk” – special small works sale – Carol Vossler usually has a Christmas sale – Peter will talk to her.
  • Dec. 10 – 11 for special art exhibit sale/keep galleries open late on Fridays, maybe Thurs. too?

Plein Air Festival – coming along well, starting to get registrations.

Web Site
  • We need to be able to update and upload info in a timely manner
  • Peter suggested Todd could set up site with folders and provide access only to that folder.
  • *As of July 20, Sandy took responsibility for the site, as we needed to get current Plein Air Festival info on ASAP. She put the pages on the server she uses and Todd transferred the domain name. She will be happy to accept suggestions and if professional (paid) web design is desired – will give it up

PR – Let’s do one about exhibit in the Chamber office.

New Business

Next Meeting: August 11, 2009