saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - July 13, 2010

Attending: Brandon (Waterhole), Courtney, Meg, Cris, Susan, Sandy, David, Todd, Matt, Cat, Bob, Tim, Georgeanne, Peter


Agenda items

Parking Lot - ArtWorks should probably not take a stand because of differing opinions among members; individuals certainly can. Todd: prepare a statement to issue that we are supportive of the resolution of the issue; considering the overall problem of parking in SL (i.e. tearing down the Dew Drop Inn to make access to Dorsey parking lot could be a useful solution.) David - we could use our art to voice our concerns. Cat - treat everyone with respect - what can we do to help?....

Finances - (via email) Burdette: Right now all bills that I am aware of have been paid and all income has been deposited. With that in mind, our current bank balance is $1089.03. (Note from Sandy - there still may be some advertising bills to be paid).

From that figure, ArtWorks actually has available funds of $589.03. The remaining $500.00 is dedicated contributed funding for Plein Aire prizes. (Note from Sandy: we also have 12 registrations in for the Plein Air Festival - that is $240 - we will need some of that for the event)

So for all practical purposes, the ArtWorks Bank Balance is $589.03. (Note from Sandy: more like $389, I think)

Next ArtWorks social event - 7 pm, Sat. Aug 21, at Bluseed, after the “Meet the Artists” reception for the Plein Air Festival (BYOB & S)

David - Hannah Hanford (AMC) has worked in the development of an arts community in Virginia - perhaps she could speak with ArtWorks. Perhaps at an evening meeting. Let's keep this in mind.

Chamber Membership for ArtWorks (ArtWorks members may then join the Chamber for 1/2 price).  All present agreed. ArtWorks will pay $225 and ArtWorks members may join for $112.50 - will send out application forms)

Some Chamber membership benefits
  • Web page on Chamber web site (to direct visitors to “your” site)
  • In Search feature of web site
  • Chamber member directory (web site & in print)
  • Free listing in Chamber Visitor’s Guide; option for paid advertising
  • Free display of brochures in office (maybe Lake Placid too?)
  • Health insurance option (ask Cris Winters about it - she already signed up for it)
  • Events listing & promotion on Chamber web site
  • Business referrals
  • Mailings/emailings (they can send stuff/announcements out for us)
  • Member to member discounts
  • Member networking
  • Legislative connections
Plus - the more ArtWorks members who join the Chamber, the greater our voice is!!!

ArtWorks web site has been updated to include all current members - image (when available) and listing with contact info.

Downtown Gallery Map - Todd - anything yet? Should be at all art venues and Chamber office. Not able to work on it yet.

Labels/name tags for artwork in Chamber office - Burdette  - anything yet? Info for book. Labels may not be necessary - but definitely everyone should have info in the book.

Plein Air Festival - approximately 12? people registered at this time $20/ea).
Volunteers needed:
  • Aug. 19, 20, 21 - 10 AM at Borealis Color - help with participant check-in - Cris Winters?
  • Distribution of flyers about event downtown (Susan’s boys?)
  • Aug 19 - 3 pm - help setting up Silent Auction at Artists’ Guild
  • Aug 21 - 10 - 1 - table at Farmer’s Market (need to check with Sam Hendren)
  • Aug 21 - 4 pm - help moving Silent Auction over to Bluseed
  • Aug 22 - 9 am - help setting up display racks in Town Hall - Cat Micheels

Other Events
Holiday ArtWalk & Exhibit - what about a small fee to participate? Perhaps fee should go to Bluseed. It's not too early to start organizing this.....

Other Business

Cris - Adk Green Circle - “Farm to Fork” festival, Sept. 4; Suggested an art event Mini art based on food; (Sandy has a rack system available). Sandy, Cris will work on it; Matt might be available to participate.

Advertising - ADE Summer Guide (provide text/ad): Sandy brought copy in - text about the arts was limited and included errors. Todd: we should consider taking out a full page ad and then providing text for the publication (like we did for the Chamber Visitors Guide)

Tim: nurturing activities; fun, social events - we don't want to forget about doing those....

Next Meeting: Aug 10 - 8 AM - Artists' Guild.