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Notes from Meetings - July 26, 2016


Baylee Annis, Anne Heinz, Larry Poole, Beth Gallagher, Tim Fortune, Marie Cogar, Jeanne Danforth, Cris Winters, Gail McKay, David Woodward, Rachel Lamb, Jackie Altman, Sandy Hildreth, Mark Kurtz, Edward DeLeon

The ArtWorks Steering Committee scheduled this special meeting to provide an opportunity for Edward DeLeon to share his presentation with the ArtWorks membership. It is a wonderful vision of what the future could be and has been presented to various small groups and organizations. Edward has received very positive responses. He is currently working with ANCA and Saranac Lake ArtWorks to seek funding to begin planning how to begin implementing these ideas.
View the ARTWORKS PRESENTATION. Questions or comments? Contact Edward directly.

In the meantime, ArtWorks is working with BluSeed Studios to negotiate a fiscal partnership that will allow ArtWorks to operate under the 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit status of BluSeed. This will enable ArtWorks to raise funds through contributions and to apply for grants. It may also lead to a shared position with BluSeed Studios. A Task Force has been formed, consisting of BluSeed Board members and ArtWorks Steering Committee members, to work out the details of this partnership. Stay tuned for more.

Cris Winters encouraged those present to be sure they are listed on the Adirondack Regional Art Trail (another ANCA / BluSeed / ArtWorks partnership) and to check out ANCA's Buyer Days Events. Art at the Pink House is also hosting a fiber art juried show - information is on the ArtWorks website HERE.

Georgeanne Gaffney announced that about 20 members had expressed an interest in taking part in a Studio Tour and that information would be soon sent out about it.
Next meeting will be Tues Aug 9 - time and location to be determined.