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Notes from Meetings - July 11, 2017

ArtWorks 7/11/17

Notes were not taken for June meeting.

Georgeanne, Mark, Sandy, Carol, Johnny, Chris Covert

Studio Tour report from Georgeanne

Meet the Studio Tour Artists party in August? Carol - put tables out and artists could each bring 1 piece to show

Johnny -maybe have an ArtWorks/Studio Tour party- in the fall
Suggestion: mark mileage on the map

Plein Air - all on schedule; need to fill workshops

ACMP - 1st meeting with consultant AMS; make sure individual artists get included

Tourism Council meets tomorrow morning

Carol - hire someone for ArtWorks - now would be a good time
Mark - we have enough money to start; but we need to have something lined up to continue to pay a person - at least for 1-2 years;
Start out 1/2 time; work with Georgeanne & Sandy and move into taking over things
Pay: $16-18/hour for 20 hours/week - would be on BluSeedís payroll - so there will be additional payroll taxes (Carol a $20,000 job would cost $30,000)

would they handle the bookkeeping?
would they have access to the website
all BluSeed employees should work together and share tasks
schedule interviews with interested people

Business Sponsor Program
- should do it jointly; maybe Membership too
- Sandy will provide copies of past Business Sponsor lists, letters and donation forms.