saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - June 14, 2011

In attendance: Lisa Meissner, Mark, Bob P, Matt P, Matt B, Burdette, Courtney, Tim

Treasurer’s Report - lots of money, much is committed (Studio Tour and Plein Air registrations, etc.), may be some advertising bills coming; current amount about $1800

Committee Reports
  • by-laws - Todd, Tim, Susan - no report (from April meeting: Over 30 members now; officers have plenty of things to work on; executive committee will make it easier to handle some decisions (chair, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary, membership, + 2 members - Matt P., has volunteered ); Tim - come up with job descriptions - people could volunteer for certain jobs. Todd - volunteer positions could be just a yearly position. Susan & Todd & Tim volunteered to figure something out.)
  • advertising - Sandy, Matt P, ? - most advertising is done
  • social - Susan - no report
  • membership - Susan - usually sends out emails when members join

Artwork exhibited at Adirondack Business Center
  • options - we should change it - who would like to organize and hang? They have requested “Adirondack” themed art.
  •  Matt B will take Sandy’s place and switch works.
  • Burdette to take Mark’s place
  • if anyone else wants to hang some work there, visit the site and consider switching with one of the following artists. Meg Bernstein, Nancy Brossard, Tim Fortune, Barry Lobdell and Jackie Altman. Let them know when you would like to hang work so they can take theirs down.

Evening artist gatherings - anyone want to propose something? Talk about your work, demonstrate, show an art movie, host a critique? Pick a date, time, and give it a try (send info to Sandy - will send to all members and put on web site).

Farmers Market - manning the booth - could be a free community tent if shared (Yes - let’s do it); concerns about non-food items; tent will be set up; Matt B - demos are really good rather than work for sale; Studio Tour booklets, rack cards, Plein Air info; Lisa trying to organize musicians - they will perform; tent could display their CD’s.

Arts & Heritage Festival - June 26 - July 4; good promotion and advertising; Facebook ads; NC This Week, NCPR, eblast through Franklin Co. Tourism; galleries be open

Artist opportunities at the VIC - raffle tickets
  • Brian Mc is contracted to run it; mission is to make it financially self sufficient
  • wants to have a strong arts presence; theatre, display space
  • use of building cannot be free
  • 30% commission on sales
  • If interested in an exhibit, send him a proposal and some examples of your work
  • Juried Show in August, theme is “life on the lakes”
  • Sandy, Nancy Brossard and Jackie Altman donated paintings to VIC to raffle off - please help sell raffle tickets.

Gallery Map - still would be good to have one (unable to get into Arts in the Park) - Pendragon to Bluseed; black and white; 1 side; Mark check with ADE for a newsprint (since meeting: The price for 2,500 pages of an arts map padded is $450. Allow 2 weeks from submission for turnaround time.)

Need art for the vending machine

Plein Air Festival - will need help as the time nears

Art Walks - Jill is the coordinator; encourage artists and musicians to participate

Artist at Work Studio Tour - thanks to those who helped sign up sponsors.

Autumn & Winter (holiday) events - First Night - looking for murals?, Winter Carnival - art display? Show at Bluseed for holidays (Art under $100); winter artwalk? It is NOT too early to start planning these events.

Arts Email Marketing Service - could we share one? Would have to agree that you only use your own list and not other peoples. (Guild has paid for one but will soon reach 500 email address limit and price increase).

New gallery - NorthWind Fine Arts; grand opening June 30 (Members: Cat Micheels, Larry Poole, Peter Shrope, Heidi Gutersloh, Alice Vera, Phil Gallos, LeeAnn Sporn. David Woodward)

Mark Kurtz - grand opening July 8

Next meeting: July 12