saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - June 12, 2012 8 am

In attendance: Susan, Mark, Bob, Beth, Matt B, Burdette, Larry, Sandy

Financial Report - about $4400 available; $2700 in bills coming

New Chamber Web Site - - $100 for photo listing; $25/mo for featured listing -most seem in favor - need to check budget for year; could do a photo collage with samples of member work.

Chamber meeting this evening - public input. We should work with Lake Placid but be sure we don’t lose our SL identity.

Web Site Report
Increase in hits/visits in April/May - June on track
4500-4700 visits/month
coming from search engines,
majority related to Plein Air Festival

Membership Brochure Distribution - if everyone helps - make lists of 8-9 locations, ask for volunteers
Susan - Branch Farm
Sandy - Chamber & LPVB - ask about Northway via Pendragon
Note: as of 7/1 it appears that lots of ArtWorks brochures have been distributed - we have LOTS more. Let's use them!

Ads in Meet the Town? Paid $400 last year for Canton & Potsdam - never published. Will refund or offered full-page ads in Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake & Lake Placid. NO - ask for money back - use for Chamber advertising
Note: as of 7/1 Andy Flynn was contacted and a refund requested - he said he would be able to do it next month.

Fund-Raising & Sponsorships Proposal
It was noted that we (Studio Tour, Plein Air Fest, ArtWalks, etc.) are all going out and asking the same businesses to be arts supporters and donate goods or $$ for our events. Sandy proposed that we have a general "arts supporter" package with different levels and we only hit businesses once a year - sending them a letter in January when they are planning their annual budgets. Proposal to be presented at next meeting for discussion.

It was also suggested we revisit the idea of combining member brochure and studio tour booklet in some way - all area artists and organizations would be invited to participate - identify ArtWorks members, those participating in the Studio Tour, etc. in a single publication. Plan on developing it in the fall - get a committee working on it

Arts & Heritage Festival - lots of events are scheduled; posters will be distributed; radio and print advertising under way.

Plein Air Festival
Registrations coming in
Volunteers Needed:
  • Greeter at the VIC on 8/17
  • Help setting up display easels - 8 am 8/19 - Matt B
  • Kitchen? Youth Center? Donna Dora, Rotary? - someone said they would contact these people
  • Someone to handle sales during the Show & Sale at the Town Hall on Sunday 8/19
  • Help taking down easels - 4 pm 8/19
Studio Tour - read Diane’s email - will need volunteers; booklets will be at Guild for mailing - need to be taped, labels put on, etc.

Arts Council - several ArtWorks members attended meeting; Arts Council trying to continue with web site

Art Under $100 Show/Sale? (Library  - NO) - several options were discussed and it was finally suggested that each gallery/business do it's own thing for the holidays and we could collaboratively promote it. Perhaps invite other ArtWorks members to exhibit some work? Put the show on our web site - with works for sale. START WORKING ON THIS IN OCT.

Next Meeting: July 10 - evening meeting? On porch behind art annex - byob


Legal Structure for ArtWorks - Burdette talked to Amy Smith; she did not see 501c3 (not for profit) status as a good idea; recommended we become a Type A Association - non profit with state; would provide ArtWorks with a legal existence.

Legal Structure - Burdette talked to Amy Smith (lawyer friend) about the things we’ve been considering
She ID'd us as a business or trade association
Did not think 501c3 was a good idea - Partnering with Pendragon or Bluseed is better
She recommended we become a Type A Association - nonprofit with state: would give us a legal existence and make us tax exempt for our purchases (printing brochures, etc.).

Insurance - Someone needs to talk to insurance re limiting liability during events (plein air, studio tour, christmas art show, etc) would it make sense to get an umbrella liability or just do event insurance? -Burdette will check NOTE: Sandy found out the Chamber does have coverage for events in the community; need to request a certificate of insurance

Incorporation runs around $4-500 annual minimal fee
Need bylaws, board and officers
Bylaws establish how board is selected & membership requirements
Annual report to estimate that we didn't take in more than the limited amount which is something like $25,000
Mark, Tim, Jeremy, and Susan will meet on bylaws in the near future

Bookkeeping Class for Artists?  Cris offered to look into having Jo Ellen do a class for interested artists 

Nadia is attending a meeting on Lifetime Arts - hoping to get money to fund workshops for seniors