saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - June 11, 2013, 8:30 am

In Attendance: Mark, Sandy, Burdette

Financials - Burdette will send a report out later with latest results; money left over for PAF from 2012 is accurate

Business Sponsor Program - Tim, not present.    
- status update - not coming in
    - remove blank space for any amount and get them to select one of our levels
    - how to incorporate in Studio Tour & Plein Air Festival - Cris and Sandy will work on it.
    - ArtWalks - sponsors

Membership Brochures - need volunteers to redistribute them for summer season. Supply at Artists Guild.

Farmers Market - from Cris. NOTE: were unable to get insurance - NOT going to happen. Will get money refunded.
  • Market fee is paid.
  • Working with Chamber to get liability insurance still not resolved, but assuming positive outcome.
  • Planning June 19th workshop for ArtWorks members who want to participate at market (and others).
  • NYS sales tax certification (required of each vendor by market coordinators).
  • Demonstrating techniques to attract visitors.
  • Appropriate work for maximum sales at market venue.
  • Decisions on taking payments cash, check, charge.
  • Promotion of SL ArtWorks.
Advertising - LocalADK, $175  for 1/3 page ad,  submitted by Sandy

Arts & Heritage Festival - same as before; eblast going out

Plans for the Holiday Season - Guild opening; Mark, open house; Sparkle Village - ArtWorks presence? expand to Cantwell Room would bring people through downtown

Studio Tour -  from Cris
  • Decentralization grant money has been received by NCCCA; waiting for funds to be sent to Chamber of Commerce, then to ArtWorks.
  • 43 participants, with 3 Outpost locations (VIC, LPCA, Carousel).
  • About one third have not paid, some still to send images.
  • Planning for tour booklet publication by end of June.

Plein Air Festival - Sandy
Plein Air Festival - 20 people registered so far; private preview exhibit?; how do we reach wealthy visitors/2nd home owners? (2012: 22 show & sale; $6945; 42 auction, $3000)

Exhibit Opportunities - Sandy
Life on the Lakes Juried Show at the VIC, work needed by july 8.
BLOG - all set up - Cris, Burdette - need to get writers

Meeting with ANCA -
Mark will work on it

Next meeting: July 9, 8:30 AM
, Mark will give President's report; maybe try to have an evening social get together