saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - June 10, 2014, 8:30 am

Present: Cris Winters, Sandra Hildreth, Mark Kurtz, Tim Fortune, Shawn Halperin, Beth Gallagher, Gail Gallagher

Old Business
Plein Air Proceeds: It was decided that a $500 SLHS Art Scholarship would be given out each year from Plein Air Silent Auction proceeds but in the name of Saranac Lake ArtWorks. Also decided was a $250 per year donation from Plein Air proceeds toward art supplies to the Saranac Lake Elementary, Middle and High School with one school department receiving the donation per year, rotating each year. Details of donations are being looked into by Sandra.
NYS Sales Tax Certificate: ArtWorks still needs a certificate for Plein Air and other sales events. Burdette and Cris are looking into it with Fractured Atlas. This needs to be done before Plein Air starts.
Studio Tour/SLAW Brochure: Proof is done, Janet checking with printer today on color. 7,000 brochures will be distributed through North Country Brochure Company. Cris will contact Larry Poole who has been their contact person form ArtWorks. Other brochures will be distributed by members. If members can donate time to distribute brochures, please contact Cris:
Website hits: Sandra updated, website hits holding steady; members are encouraged to subscribe to the ArtWords blog, found at the SLAW website.
New Business
Board of Directors:
It was discussed that ArtWorks would benefit from a Board of Directors. Initial Questions:
1. List of Potential Candidates
2. Functions of Individual Board Members defined 
3. How many needed?
*Arts/Grant/Business type experience would be a plus, also Lawyer experience a plus

ArtWorks BYLAWS need to be reworded before next annual meeting, so the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary ) are not listed as a Board of Directors.

To guide us in thinking about a new ArtWorks board of directors, the executive committee will learn how other local boards are organized.

Grants: ArtWorks will form a year-round grants committee to look into appropriate grants and to make a time line for applications.  It was proposed that we find some outside help for the grants committee, possibly  from new board members.

Letter of Support for Military Trail: Mark asked that ArtWorks could write a letter of support. The trail is in the works through the Homeward Bound Adirondacks organization and would be coordinated with the ANCA ArtsTrail. Mark will put together a draft letter for approval at next meeting.

New VP Candidate: As David Zwierankin can no longer serve as ArtWorks vice president, a replacement is being sought.

Hobofest: The status of Hobofest as recipient of ArtWork business support funds was discussed. Cris will contact the Hobofest organizers for a conversation about this.

Of note: Local Arts & Culture Organizations representatives (ArtWorks, BluSeed, Pendragon, ANCA and others) are planning to meet monthly on an informal basis to keep connections and ideas flowing. See recent article in the Adirondack Enterprise:

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 8, 2014, 8:30am at the Artist Guild
All Members are welcome to attend!