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Notes from Meetings - June 8, 2010

Present: I was a little late and forgot to note who was in attendance. Sorry...

Agenda Items

- Membership fees for members joining after June 1 – various options were discussed and the following decisions made:

1. Our fiscal/membership year from now will be November 1 - Oct 31. That way we will renew and bring in new memberships at the time when we need to raise the money to cover the next year's advertising - much of which is due in January.

2. For this year - anyone joining after June 1 can join for just the $25 membership fee.

3. In 2011, memberships after Jan 31 will be 3/4 the ad fee plus the $25 membership fee; after April 30 it will be 1/2 the ad fee plus the $25 membership fee

Note: late joining members may not get their names included in the major advertising due early in the year, but can be included on the web site.

Liability Insurance – when we do events are we covered? Todd – coverage isn’t necessary when people disperse, only when group is assembled. Check with Ayers Insurance; Bob – Fractured Atlas can provide coverage. If Chamber members could our events be covered through the Chamber?
- Plein Air Festival - $100 ArtWorks Award OK; $50 to chamber for advertising
- Saranac Lake Village Gallery map/ArtWorks map – Todd created one; let’s move ahead with it for summer.

- New potential members have been invited and may attend to learn more (if you've invited someone you might want to send a reminder)

- Distribution of rack cards – invite Cat to attend meetings (Scholarship? In return for distribution, not include in ads – not that favorable) Redo again in mid-summer – talk to Susan, establish a master list

- The Art-o-Matic Machine – send info to Cape Air – next Tuesday stuff boxes at 7444 – 5 – 8 pm; Needs a new name as the other is copy-righted. Art-O-Rondak, “Smokin’ Art”

- BLOG – sent email out – Todd is planning to have a BLOG associated with his web site – maybe that is sufficient & then associate with Almanac? *Note: Sandy's blog submission did show up on the Almanac - more galleries than bars in Saranac Lake...

- Advertising Bills – we have about $700 to cover right now

- Financial Report – about $1000 in the bank; do we want to suggest installment plan for artists – yes, but do it directly with Burdette, who is taking over as Treasurer.

- Other stuff?

- Todd: Register with Google to see if a map shows up first

- June 17th, 4:30 – 7 pm – First Art Walk - unveling of art--matic.

*Remember EVENING GET TOGETHER: Pendragon has invited us to attend the June 19 performance of Euridice, BYOB & snacks for after performance party. EMAIL reminder

Next Meeting: July 13, 2010 8 AM Guild