saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - May 14, 2013, 8:30 am

In Attendance: Mark, Matt B, Susan W, David, Sandy, Burdette, Gail, Cris

Financials - Burdette - $5500 in the bank, much of it allocated for specific purposes (business sponsors, Studio Tour, Plein Air Festival)

Membership List - corrections made, will send out to membership

By-Laws -Approved. Current leadership committee: Mark, Sandy, Burdette willing to continue to serve until elections can be held at an annual meeting in November.

Business Sponsor Program - Tim, not present. Need to get status update. Studio Tour and Plein Air Festival may have to start soliciting their own sponsors. Checks received from Finnegans and Dorsey St. Exchange. Mark is sending out thank-you notes.

Membership Brochures - need volunteers to redistribute them for summer season. Supplies at Artists Guild.

Studio Tour -  Cris: about 26 signed up; needs the rest ASAP; have 3 potential outposts - VIC still an issue because of admission charge on Sat for Homesteading Festival - mark in booklet that there is a parking charge. Carousel - 4-5 already signed up; LPCA will host - Gail would like to be there.

Plein Air Festival - Sandy - 15 registered (never that many in May before!); will be borrowing display racks from school district.

Exhibit Opportunities - Sandy
Bird art exhibit at VIC - drop off dates: May 15-16 VIC, hanging and opening 5.17

Saranac Lake 6er Art Exhibit - collecting artwork, will set up display in former Pink space for the weekend; possibly have volunteers on duty.

Plein Air exhibit at VIC - in August

Participation in Farmer's Market Cris - ask for volunteers to commit 1 Saturday over summer; hand out brochures, but also be more active and demonstrate or display work; give out something free; invitations to openings; Gail, Mark Paul, Larry Poole, Rachel Lamb, Peter Seward (3 Saturdays), Gail, Sandy, Susan W 8/10, Burdette (2), Matt B may be able to bring cigarette machine once - should talk to Todd - anyone else operating it would need to spend some time with Matt to learn how to unjam it). June 1 - Oct 26. $230 plus $50 Grange membership. Pendragon can provide the tent, drop it off and set it up. Talk to Nathalie & Courtney Miller. 22 Saturdays. Approved - will do. Cris will schedule.

BLOG: still need to send message out to membership about submitting for the blog. Cris and Burdette. Now live on our web site - check it out!

New Items
  • ArtWorks Member Exhibit (from Tim, last meeting) Tabled to next meeting.
  • Media Package for members (Cris, last meeting) - Tabled til more; put on web site.
  • Meet with ANCA - plan an "art trail"
Next meeting: June 11, 8:30 am