saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - May 13, 2014, 8:30 am

Present: Cris Winters, Sandra Hildreth, Burdette Parks, Shawn Halperin, Larry Poole, Gail McKay, Karen Kirkham, Tim Fortune

Old Business

Business Sponsor Program:
Update from Tim & Burdette: Business Sponsor deadline is past. A few more potential sponsors will not go in printed advertising. Burdette will work up a draft editorial by mid-June for the local paper recognizing our Business Sponsors. Editorial will go out sometime in July. Shawn will work up a Sponsor Category Listing (to enable listing sponsors by donation range) to use for next year. Cris will speak to Todd/Peter/Hobofest about listing ArtWorks on their website and brochures.
ArtWalk & other fees for SLAW Professional Members:
The fee for being listed is $75.00 for ArtWalks will apply to all SLAW Membership galleries, with no discount. SLAW will be listed on the ArtWalk map and other printed material.
Arts Events Poster:
Sandra presented a sample of a monthly SLAW events listing to be printed out by hotels. A 11 X 17” poster version will also be printed and distributed.
Farmers Market: There will be no participation in a Farmers Market booth due to lack of help in  organizing.

Studio Tour 2014:
Sandra is working on the website & helping with the brochure. Janet Marie Yeates is the graphic designer for the new brochure/map. 36 Artists have registered for the Studio Tour. Bluseed will be the outpost for artists not presenting in their studio. Brochures are scheduled to be printed by beginning June. Future of Studio Tour is uncertain due to declining grant funding and lack of participation in organizing.
Plein Air Festival:
20 registrations already. A $300 award sponsor from French Canvas Co was just obtained. We are getting national recognition and increased award prizes are being considered to attract more national artists. 12-15 awards are given out. We need a sales tax certificate for the Plein Air sales. Cris and Burdette will check with Fractured Atlas for recommendations and help with our business classification for the certificate.
Website Report:
Sandra handed out data and charts comparing the last few years and which web site are giving us the most hits. More Facebook postings and ‘likes’ are needed-members please contribute if you can!  Below are the total visits has had - actual visits, the numbers of hits are much higher, but visits are more important.
2010 - total visits =   33785
2011 - total visits =   70581
2012 - total visits =   92804
2013 - total visits =   103503
2014 4 1/2 mo.  =     35,255
New Business

Event sales proceeds:
Keeping a percentage of sales from events like Plein Air for the general SLAW fund was discussed. No decision has been made yet regarding which local organization will receive an award from the Plein Art silent auction.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 8:30am at the Artist Guild
All Members are welcome to attend!