saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - May 11, 2010

Present: Mark Kurtz, Susan Olsen, Burdette Parks, Cat Micheels, Meg Bernstein, Peter Seward, Karen Davidson, Larry Poole, Bob Pettee

Art-o-Matic: Todd & Matt have e-mailed guidelines for submissions – contributing artists are asked to have 12 pieces available by May 30th – although the machine will need refilling as the summer progresses, so later works are still acceptable

-Susan will e-mail a Microsoft Publisher file with the Saranac Lake Art Works logo as a small label – these can be customized with your name/business/contact info if desired

-Matt B might be able to supply board of the necessary size to be able to pick up at Borealis Color

-Susan will e-mail Todd & suggest that he could leave blank boxes at Borealis Color as well, for participating artists to pick up

-Matches – art works logo?  - boxes – art works logo? Fake warnings? Ie “appreciation of this art can increase your risk of intellectual enrichment---etc –“

Stickers: available to pick up at Borealis Color if you haven’t already – we have  3 stickers per member –should we make lots to distribute? – like the Nori’s bumper stickers or the Long Lake stickers?  They cost about a dollar each – an expense – should we sell them for a dollar each?  Or for a donation – “Support the Arts”?

Rack Cards: need to be distributed! Where? How? –We should keep track of who takes them where, and when – to avoid either duplication or omission – keep an ongoing e-mail? Also Susan will keep a list at Borealis Color – Mark will talk to Sylvie about getting them into the LP Chamber of Commerce – may be possible with joint relationship? SLACC might help distribute them? Other places: hotels/motels, real estate offices, Arts Directory? (Peter might be able to stuff some)

- Pick them up, put them places you go, and e-mail the group to let us know where they are!

SL Chamber Office Art Display: There is room for more artwork – please let Peter Shrope know if you drop something off there – he is arranging things. 

Book: 3-Ring binder: right now only 4 members have pages – we want to stuff it!!  Make a 2-page spread to fit into clear plastic 8.5”x11” binder pages – could Art Works produce little cards akin to those at the Guild?  Good idea! We could make one for the wall near the art, and one  to add to the middle of each artists’ book pages – with Art Works logo.

e-mail to Burdette: photo of self, brief (25- 50 word) description of your work, and photo of your work – he will make these cards.  Address:

December Art Works Show: Bluseed offered to host a show of members, work in Dec. – we could tie an opening in with the Dec art walk (see below) – Larry will check the date

December Art Walk: Original date of Thurs 12/2 conflicts with Joy to the Children at LPCA – so we will do Friday 12/3 instead – we need to publicize & create buzz – Guild Opening 5 - 7, Bluseed Opening 6 - 8, Pendragon show 8 pm – we need to generate other activities & HAVE A MAP! Also – we can include this in advertising for summer art walks

Finances: Burdette graciously offered to take over as treasurer (Susan is buying the bldg & wants to avoid conflicts of interest) (Burdette is also better at it!) –Most members have paid for the year – those who haven’t can contact Burdette to arrange to pay in installments if that is better.

Web site:  we should consider developing a policy for who is listed where and how – membership form might help with this

Advertising: DenPubs made us an offer we can’t accept – not a fruitful venue, not budgeted

Evening Get – Together: at April’s meeting, we discussed having bi-monthly evening meetings of a more social/supportive/philosophical nature.  Bob has invited us to attend, free of charge, the June 19th performance of Euridice at Pendragon, with a social gathering to follow.  BYOBnS

Calendar:    June 8th, 8 am – next regular meeting
                     June 17th, 4:30 – 7 pm – First Art Walk
                     June 19th, 8 pm – Euridice at Pendragon – Bob needs numbers, so let him know if you plan to be there!

Next Business Meeting Tues. May 11 - 8:00 at the Artists' Guild - NOTE: 8 AM not 8:30 - more time to get through business.