saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - May 8, 2012 8 am

Art Works Meeting, Tues May 8 2012, 8:00 am
Present: Nadia, Beth G, Bob P, Mark K, Burdette, Susan, Diane, Dan H, Peter Seward, Dave Z

Financial Report: AW has about $5000 in the bank now excluding studio tour & plein air
Expenses - probably some ad bills - Adirondack Life

Mailbox was 3 month deal - do we want to continue it?  Yes

Arts & Heritage Festival - June 30 thru July 8 - $1000 matching from Franklin Co - similar marketing & ads as last year - cutting out some that were ineffective - Arts in the Park is really effective - NCPR media sponsor web site:

Plein Air Festival  - 7 registrations so far, including some new ones
-discussion of credit card machine Sunday show & sale – important to have – helps sales a lot - can be run through Artists Guild but not with a receipt - Burdette can work it out
-Beth has a wifi card reader
Or we can take guild cc machine to show & sale
Or use square with a smartphone or ipad - no monthly fee
(Is there wifi at town hall?)
-Diane thinks Art Works should get its own line - its own cc setup

Studio Tour - 32 registrations so far - probably will have 40 galleries & artists
- need sponsors - Will ask Art Works members to approach potential sponsors – 1 or 2 ea
Booklet to be designed week of May 21
Volunteers needed to put up signs & banners & so forth
Peter Seward says he'll interface with village
PR with Todd Moe – NCPR will be media sponsor

Legal Structure - Burdette talked to Amy Smith (lawyer friend) about the things we’ve been considering
She ID'd us as a business or trade association
Did not think 501c3 was a good idea - Partnering with Pendragon or Bluseed is better
She recommended we become a Type A Association - nonprofit with state: would give us a legal existence
Someone needs to talk to insurance re limiting liability during events (plein air, studio tour, christmas art show, etc) would it make sense to get an umbrella liability or just do event insurance? -Burdette will check
Type A structure makes us eligible for sales tax exemption on our purchases
Incorporation runs around $4-500 annual minimal fee
Need bylaws, board and officers
Bylaws establish how board is selected & membership requirements
Annual report to estimate that we didn't take in more than the limited amount which is something like $25,000
Mark, Tim, Jeremy, and Susan will meet on bylaws in the near future

Art under 100: - we discussed various possible options at length, including whether or not to have it this year – no real resolution

Bookkeeping Class for Artists?  Cris offered to look into having Jo Ellen do a class for interested artists 

Nadia is attending a meeting on Lifetime Arts - hoping to get money to fund workshops for seniors

Peter: the arts council is at a crossroads – there will be a meeting to discuss its future at Bluseed 7 pm May 23
Dan H – he’s planning an open easel night at VIC and in town- for non-established artists to present - show & talk about work - for young people who aren't sure where they are but want to get feedback