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Notes from Meetings - May 11, 2017

ArtWorks Meeting May 11, 2017 at BluSeed Studios

Mark Kurtz, Marie Cogar, Gail McKay, Sandy Hildreth, Sunny Rozackis, Cathy Hartung (by phone)

Reviewed BluSeed stuff; BluSeed seeking some kind of administrative fee; wasnít in our budget so need to add - then whatever is in the budget can be paid. Not really resolved. Sandy suggested we agree to the $4000 and if it all doesnít get used, it should carry over to next year. Waiting for the other people involved to get back in town.

Workforce REDC grant - BluSeed would also apply for a Workforce grant; ArtWorks cannot apply separately - so we should apply jointly to address both interests. Sunny - meeting with Carol; will see how we can work together. It may be that ArtWorks does not need their own position, but there could be a person in charge of advertising and promotion for both organizations. Looking at having Melissa develop it. Cathy - use it to get skilled people to do the work.

Business Sponsorship Program - Sunny willing to do the business sponsor stuff; develop letter, form, packet to take to potential sponsors; Sandy and Mark - meet set up ArtWorks packet; need ArtWorks/BluSeed logo; send copy of forms to Cathy too.

Studio Tour Marketing Workshop - now the 31st; 9 have registered so far. Cathy: hand out flyer at ArtWalks about Studio Tours - Cathy will design. Confirm participation by the 1st week of the month. Message went out to ArtWorks members; another to larger art list; Sunny will include it in BluSeed announcement. Georgeanne has been sending out press releases; did one through ROOST; to papers; Cathy designing banners

ArtWorks in Chamber office (Mark) - donít want to put holes in wall; need some sort of hanging system. Mark suggested a coordinated approach to hanging - one wall for ArtWorks; one for Winter Carnival; etc.  Cathy: could do a theme-based display and rotated quarterly. Cathy volunteered to coordinate/hang. Do publicity each time it changes. NorthWind has a member whose husband is a carpenter - might be able get assistance coming up with a hanging system.

Cape Air: Marie coordinating changing; set up for next week; maybe have a reception on the 1st Friday reception nights.