saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - April 29, 2009
Carol, Bob, Mark, Susan, David, Sandy, Todd

Adk Living Show was interesting – not successful. Perhaps Chamber should be doing things like this. Maybe less artists – mostly those whose work would be on display. Probably better to attract more people to Saranac Lake where they might be more inclined to buy art after experiencing the area.

Todd – we just need to keep putting ourselves out there. Other businesses (like paddle sports, etc.) need to consider going to events like this too.

Chamber did send down 6000 booklets – (46 cartons) –  we brought back 39 cartons. Todd suggested we should respond and say we will never participate again if they don’t refund some of the money to the Chamber.

Sandy is giving a presentation to Chamber board and will give out packets we put together for the show.

Need to cover expenses –  Susan – send in expenses to her and she will figure it out
  • Sign - $100
  • Truck rental – Bob- theatre will cover truck, will submit gas expense
  • Gas?

Note: Sandy intended to mention this and never got around to it. She will use her weekend expenses as her own business expenses (gas, meals) –  she does not feel ArtWorks needs to be obligated to pay for this.

Treasurer – Susan put in about $65 as a cushion

Do we need more “members” to help cover expenses? How do we move to the next level of support?

Susan – should we send a letter out to area artists, explain what we’re doing, ask for a contribution?

Todd – recommends that we continue on as a small group, we’ve not done enough yet to gain contributions - stay on course for the rest of the year. Agreed.

Mark – expand the web site to include pages for individual artists?. This is one place where we might gain financial support. Nick would create the page for free – we could charge for it - $200? Provide web site optimization.

Chamber recognition of the arts with a tab on their web site – link right to our web site (especially if we are all members).

David – watch Chamber connection with Lake Placid. We need to make sure Chamber will focus on SL Arts.

Explorer ad – we should get a preview of the ad before the end of the week. Will share with everyone. Todd will check in with them too.

Todd – another promotion idea. ArtWorks have a show – could be at 7444; 3 events – invite potential artists partners, businesses/Chamber, architects & designers. Compile a list of our accomplishments.

Artisans in the Park – do we want an ad; how about logo & web site; yes. (Sandy will submit)

Press release – about our Adk Living Show – Mark volunteered to write a press release and get it started.

Susan – emailed Brian Mann and Todd Moe about ArtWorks and they were interested. Send them the press release.

Mark: Should we invite Caroline Rubino to a meeting some time? And Pete Seward? Maybe later – end of summer.

Should we join the Arts Council? Pay for an ad? Not at this time.

Events deadline for Arts Directory is tomorrow.

Todd: What do we want to do next? 
Sandy: Could we ask the ArtWalks to include something about ArtWorks (& URL) on all the maps.

Mark – encourage Pendragon to participate in ArtWalks; someone at new Chamber office too.

Booths at Farmer’s Market/Rhubarb Festival – sign, poster, cards

Next meeting – to be determined.