saranac lake
Notes from Meetings - May 12, 2015, 5 pm

Present: Mark, Colleen, Sandy, Beth, Burdette, Russ Defonce, Gail McKay

Discussion Topics

Treasurer Burdette Parks reported we have $17,000 in the bank.
Sandy reported that we have 48 professional level members and that we have basically used up all the membership fees on advertising. The major ads are all done, the brochure, likely to be $4000 (design, printing, and distribution) will be completed soon and should be available by the end of the month. We really need to get support from more $25 Supporting Members and Business Sponsors. Sandy also reported that about $11,000 in the bank is funding generated from the past Plein Air Festivals.

Studio Tour: Edith & Gena Urban are 2015 Studio Tour coordinators - they are contacting members to find out who wants to participate. $50 fee for 1, 2 or all 3 Studio Tours on the last Saturdays of July, August and September.

Plein Air Festival: 60 artists registered and new ones keep trickling in, even though the cut off for exhibiting in the Show & Sale was the first 50 artists. We have signed a formal agreement with Plein Air Magazine to sponsor the first place award for the event. A 2nd plein air festival was discussed, to accommodate the many artists who are interested - if anyone would like to help organize one in 2016, talk to Sandy.

Website: site visits continue to be lower than they were in 2014 - could be the change in how Google ranks sites which are not mobile-ready (ours is not). It would be very helpful if all professional members put the ArtWorks logo on their own web sites and linked back to

  • Mark & Sandy attend the "Art Trail" monthly meetings, working with Bluseed and ANCA. The web site, will be announced publicly in a few months, so it's important to get everyone listed. Check the web site out and then click HERE to download the directions for getting yourself or your business on the site.
  • Mark & Sandy have also been attending a monthly "art collaborators" meeting - an effort to have the major arts organizations meet regularly and talk to each other about collaboration and what's going on. The need for an "arts coordinator" is frequently a topic of discussion.
  • Sandy announced this was her last year of being part of the leadership of ArtWorks - after 7 years of progress, the organization desperately needs to be able to hire someone - and should, in order to continue to grow. Potential funding sources: a REDC grant is available; potential not-for-profit sponsors discussed - the Village, the Rotary Club.  Mark will contact someone from Rotary to discuss. Perhaps do a presentation.
  • Sandy mentioned a potential opportunity to work with ROOST and get a travel writer to cover some of our art events.
  • is sponsoring an Arts & Culture symposium on Sept 10. Reps from ArtWorks will likely take part in panel discussions. Purpose is to find ways to help support the arts in the Adirondacks.
  • Beth proposed a $50 ad in the program of the Northern Lights Choir and we will submit one.
  • The idea of a woodworking fair was briefly discussed - more than "rustic", in order to include more contemporary hand-made wood items. Could be another attraction for Saranac Lake.
Next Meeting: June 9.