saranac lake artworks
Notes from Meetings - April 13, 2010

Present: Meg, Georgeanne, Susan, Mark, Bob, Larry, Sandy, guest, Dan Sullivan

Dan shared info about the Adirondack Rocking Festival, Sat. July 10 - focus on health, wellness & nature; organizations and individuals are invited to decorate and raffle off a rocking chair. Does ArtWorks want to do one?

Financial Report: about $900 in account; Georgeanne will pay later; Larry will get  check from Bluseed; upcoming expenses: $200 Adk Explorer ad; $350 ADE Summer & Winter guides; $400 rack cards. Do we each need to contribute for the Upper Saranac Lake Cookbook? Not at this time.

Rack Cards: will need volunteers to disribute.

Poster at Chamber - should update it to include new members

Cover for Binder in the Chamber

Membership: need a membership form; Susan will create and distribute one.

Bumper Stickers: Mark is refining the design and will look into costs - 50 would be about .75 ea.

Advertising Design Committee: Sandy, Todd, Peter Shrope
- should meet and discuss
- create a press packdet with history, logo, past ads, mission statement, etc. Georgeanne said she would check with Todd.

Evening Meeting: Wed. April 21 At Bluseed - finalize mission statement, goals; prepare for summer. BYOB & S

Blog: writing should go to Todd and/or Mark; would be nice to include ArtWorks logo.

Upcoming Events: Plein Air Festival - will need some people to help out.

Next Business Meeting Tues. May 11 - 8:00 at the Artists' Guild - NOTE: 8 AM not 8:30 - more time to get through business.