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Notes from Meetings - April 12, 2016

Note: there was a meeting in March, but no one took notes. The Strategic Planning Committee has been meeting and preparing plans for a Strategic Planning Retreat in May.

Beth Gallagher, Sandy Hildreth, Mark Kurtz, Rachel Lamb, David Woodward, Larry Poole and guests Kareen Tyler and Mayor Clyde Rabideau, Village of Saranac Lake.

Clyde and Kareen explained what was going on with the 2017 International Snowshoe Championships scheduled for Feb 23-26, 2017 in Saranac Lake. Left a schedule. Encouraged the arts community to take part in whatever ways we might like to. The host community for international events like this usually tries to do things to inform visitors about our local history and culture. Attendance at some planning meetings might be good. Ideas tossed out included: having galleries open the night of the opening ceremonies (Friday Feb 24); special exhibits; using empty storefronts to display unique things about Saranac Lake (guide boats, etc.). We did not commit to anything but individual artists and galleries might want to consider planning something.

Financial Report - no report; most memberships have been paid, if not, completion of payments is requested; we currently have 16 Business Sponsors.

Advertising Expenses

  • Brochure is being worked on by Sandy and Janet Yeates;
  • Will be distributed again by North Country Business Distribution Center (shared with Art Trail)
  • Will be placing some ads in the LocalADK publication
Proposal for a Part-Time Arts Coordinator Position
Should hear about funding by the end of April.
This was introduced and discussed at previous meetings.
Based on the financial report and the fact that we have approximately $9685 available in the bank, it is proposed that ArtWorks seek funding support, working with BluSeed as our not-for-profit partner. We will seek funding of $5000 and match that with our own $5000 to hire someone to work approximately 15 hours/week, at $16/hour, for up to 42 weeks/year. (TOTAL $10,080). It may be possible to share a position as well as office space with BluSeed.
Strategic Planning Event
Invitation went out to ArtWorks Professional members, Business Sponsors, and a select group of people actively involved in the local music and literary community.
Strategic Planning event will be May 14, 9 - 3, in Cantwell Room of the Saranac Lake Free Library. Lunch provided. It will be facilitated by Susan Fuller of Fuller Communications. RSVP to Mark Kurtz.
Next meeting will be Tues May 10 at 5 pm.